Tommy Boy Entertainment Pop/Alternative Music & Artists

Brian Delaney
A&R - Tommy Boy Entertainment

Tommy Boy Entertainment is a legendary Hip Hop & Electronic label founded in NYC in 1981.

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Tommy Boy Entertainment Pop/Alternative Music & Artists
Tommy Boy Entertainment is seeking Pop/Alternative music and artists for label roster signing consideration.

We are particularly looking for artists that sound like: ZAYN, Kehlani, Omi, and Halsey

Please submit your best track(s) for consideration

Please do not submit your material to us outside of Music Xray

- Brian Delaney / Tommy Boy Entertainment

Deal Type: Song Placement / Label Signing
Decision Maker: We are not the final decision maker
Deal Structure: Exclusive
Compensation: $5,000+
Song Quality: Fully Mixed & Mastered
Similar Sounding Artists: ZAYN, Kehlani, Omi, Kygo and Halsey
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