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new Rock Prairie Group Promo
submission price: $10.00
Payout: $101 - $250

Rock Prairie Group Promo

Looking for quality submissions for Spotify playlists.

We have 8 categories we're scouting:
*(Popsteria) Pop, Mainstream
*(The Dancefloor) EDM/Electronica,
*(Highways and Hideaways) Rock,
*(Smooth Moves) R&B and R&B subgenres,
*(Misfit Mayhem) Alt Rock/Fusion,
*(Sweet Tea and Harmony)Country/Bluegrass/Subgenres,
*(Metal Mania)Metal/Metal Fusion/Subgenres,

**SoundCandy Ultimate Blog and Radio Pitch (all genres).
The playlists will remain private until the submissions are in. However, the artist(s) will be notified immediately after reviewing.

General Information for Holds:
Any submissions that are not ultimately selective for their respective categories are indexed for future opportunities, on and outside of this platform. If opportunities arise in which we think would be of interest, we will notify the artist(s) before sharing any biographical info. The artist(s) may choose to pass on future openings by contacting us or notating OPT OUT on the track description.

- Lindsay Mulder - CEO - Rock Prairie Productions LLC

Faceapp 1600554499519
new Indie Film Sync Project
submission price: $20.00
Payout: $101 - $250

Indie Film Sync Project

This opportunity will expire at the at the launch deadline.
We are looking for country and rock artists to add to our sync roster for a film opportunities. The project begins 09/14/2021.

We welcome all genres and selected submissions will be placed into categories. Cover songs are permitted but will not be used for the project. You must be able to provide original material if selected for this opportunity.

Demo and sizzle reels are accepted, but please annotate status in the track description. The more information we have about the track and artist, the better.

If you have not registered with a PRO, we can assist. All tracks must be registered before the deadline of 10/14.

*Hold submissions:
Any hold submissions that are not ultimately selected for its respective category may be eligible for opportunities outside of this platform. If any projects arise which we think would may be of interest, we will notify the artist(s) before sharing any personal bio information to that network contact. You can opt out of this after the date of deadline.

- Lindsay Mulder - CEO - Rock Prairie Productions LLC

Ifame tv
WHOMAG Distribution - now accepting new clients
submission price: $18.00
Payout: $101 - $250

WHO?MAG Distribution - now accepting new clients
WHO?MAG Distribution is currently accepting new clients for the 1st quarter 2012. Our current roster has over 100 clients including KRS-ONE & Just-Ice, Keith Murray, Anita Ward, Tazmania Records (dance label), and many more. We specialize in hip-hop, R&B, dance, top 40, rock, and comedy. We are currently reviewing new submissions at no charge. If selected, your product (LP, EP, or single) will reach up to 600 digital retailers in up to 70 countries (including iTunes, Amazon, Google Music, Emusic, and more) for a one-time flat fee of $125 (no reoccurring costs).