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new Latin Music Wanted!
submission price: $3.00

Latin Music Wanted!

A record company is looking for great Latin songs to include on compilation albums and playlists for In-store radio.

We are looking for all types of Latin music: this includes instrumental and vocal songs (and cover songs) in all Latin music subgenres.

Feel free to submit both soft / easy-listening as well as vibrant / energetic tracks.

* Submit your best work!!
* Cover songs are allowed.
* Songs with vocals or instrumentals.
*Latin music in all subgenres.
* No samples are allowed, unless the samples are cleared.
* No demos. Radio ready songs. Good home recordings are welcome.
* You need to own 100% of the copyright.
* Mastered songs are not required (the record company will do the mastering).

Deal Type: Label / Sync
Decision Maker: I'm the final decision maker
Deal Structure: Non-Exclusive
Compensation sales / streams: 25% Pro Rata
Compensation mechanical rights: 100%

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Got New Music We Want to hear them
submission price: $10.00

Got New Music We Want to hear them

Looking for new music for distribution, radio, and marketing. If you have a new song and need an honest critique on it send it us. If it falls in one of the categories someone will contact, you to offer a deal.

- One Nation Under God Records CEO Bryan Erby

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Muskox Records' Selects playlist on Spotify
submission price: $2.00

Muskox Records' Selects playlist on Spotify

Before submitting to this opportunity, please take a listen to a few tracks on our playlist to get a feel for what we're looking for. We're looking for electronic records (both old and new) to feature on our Spotify playlist. The playlist is regularly updated and all tracks remain on list for a minimum of 2 weeks. Thanks for taking interest in our playlist and we look forward to hearing your submissions!

- Michael Jones - A&R - Muskox Records