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TALUS Seeking Pop and Electronic Artists for Representation
submission price: $6.00
Payout: $501 - $1,000

TALUS Seeking Pop and Electronic Artists for Representation

TALUS is currently accepting submissions from Pop and Electronic (EDM) acts.

Artists, Songwriters, & producers may apply.

We are only interested in passionate individuals who we see potential and marketability beyond the scope of their genre.

Submit your BEST music! We will thoroughly listen and critique each submission.

- Tim White - Producer/CEO - TALUS

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Seeking Pop Producers and Writers for Management
submission price: $10.00
Payout: $1,001 - $1,500

Seeking Pop Producers and Writers for Management

Bobby Springsteen is seeking Pop producers and writers for management. Please submit your best track(s) for consideration and state if you are a writer or producer.

Dreamwire is a multi-media company focusing on management, artist development, production, and publishing.

Compensation: sync placement, song placement with major artists on Sony and Universal; co-publishing deal, branding opportunities worldwide; exclusive licensing deal

- Bobby Springsteen / Dreamwire Entertainment

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Seeking Engineers, Producers, Content Creators for Publishing & Management Company
submission price: $12.00
Payout: $501 - $1,000

Seeking Engineers, Producers, Content Creators for Publishing & Management Company

I'm looking for the best engineers, producers, and content creators for a newly funded publishing and management company. These signed creators will be focusing on digital content properties that need servicing through the music industry. All genres welcome, just looking for talent. Being in LA is also a plus. Please submit your best work for consideration.

- Terence LeMaile / Brand B Sports

Deal Type: Management Deal
Decision Maker: I'm the final decision maker
Deal Structure: Management signing deal structure - Flexible and negotiable. Depending on situation
Compensation: $500+ / Negotiable - dependent on deal structure + advance
Song Quality: Rough Mixes, Fully mastered, Broadcast ready

Manic Monkee MGMT and Marketing
submission price: $8.00
Payout: $1,001 - $1,500

Manic Monkee MGMT and Marketing
Manic Monkee MGMT and Marketing is seeking to expand its management roster with emerging bands in the genres of Rock, Pop, and Alt Rock. If you are ready for the next step in your career, let's hear what you have. Please include links to other profiles you may have on the Web as well as to your entire Music Xray EPK.

Looking for Artists to Manage
submission price: $0.00

Looking for Artists to Manage

John Guerrier De'Bey is looking to sign artists to him directly for management.

Artists should have songs recorded or at least have access to record demos and catalog recordings.

Requirements for management:
1.) Must be performing at least twice a month
2.) Must have been compensated for your work in any capacity
3.) Must have full clearance or ability to clear your musical works
4.) Must not currently be signed to any other music manager
5.) Professional Photos

Please submit your best.

In return I will be using your resources to better place your music with record labels, film studios via licensing, touring, paid gigs and more. This is a true relationship that takes time to build. I will guide you to better achieve your goals for a more prosperous career.


- John is truly passionate and well advised on all aspects of music. John has served as president and executive for several independent labels with Major distribution (UMG, SONY, WARNER) managed record labels, A&R's, Recording Artists and business ventures for Independent and Major Record Labels

- John Guerrier De Bey - Manager - De'Bey