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Seeking Artists/Vocalists for Master Recordings
submission price: $10.00
Payout: $101 - $250

Seeking Artists/Vocalists for Master Recordings

Circle of Song - Buckhold Music (Betsy Walter) is seeking male and female artists/vocalists to hire for recording lead and background vocals on CSBM catalog songs.

The final master recordings are actively pitched by this publisher to Major and Indie Label A&R, Producers, Artist Management and Music Supervisors. If chosen and hired, your voice will be recorded and then heard by top MIPs specifically in Nashville and Los Angeles. Full credit is given to chosen artists/vocalists on these recordings and you will be paid $100-$300. Please submit a solid example of your voice on a recording that has NOT BEEN AUTO TUNED. A rough work tape, acoustic guitar/vocal, piano/vocal, a cappella or live performance is preferred. All genres, all tempos are acceptable, as Betsy Walter is a multi-genre award-winning producer/songwriter with songs in pop, jazz, R&B, country, soul, adult contemporary, gospel, bluegrass, rock and Americana.

When you submit, please indicate in your message if you have access to home studio or would need to go to a studio to record. You may also include links to recordings on your website, YouTube, etc. for further examples of your voice for consideration.

- Betsy Walter / Circle of Song - Buckhold Music

Deal Type: Song Placement/Collaboration
Decision Maker: We are the final decision maker
Deal Structure: Non-Exclusive
Compensation: $100 - $300
Song Quality: Rough Mixes, Fully mastered, Broadcast ready
Similar Sounding Artists: N/A