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Refreshing Pop Songs / Justin Bieber reference
submission price: $1.00
Payout: $1 - $100

Refreshing Pop Songs / Justin Bieber reference

Hey guys, here you can enter your submissions to get your music released by our label Global Rockstar ( Feel free to upload music in a kind of the attached song and in the direction of Justin Bieber, in best case mp3 and if you can additional information like biography and pictures.

Global Rockstar was founded in 2014 to support independent players of the music business. We connect Artists with the best Producers and Writers. We help to get their productions financed and we distribute and promote them worldwide. We always aim for increasing the efficiency and transparency of all processes of the music business, in order to grant creators higher revenues and a higher chance to succeed. With our new service, we present a worldwide innovation, allowing Fans to invest in a new Single of their favorite Artist. In return, these Fans receive proceeds from the commercial exploitation of the Single.

- Niklas Gusenbauer - A&R and Artist Manager - Global Rockstar