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Guest appearance on KGUP PRESENTS Season 3
submission price: $9.00

Guest appearance on KGUP PRESENTS Season 3

KGUP PRESENTS is seeking music artists to interview and feature during Season 3!

Interviews are conducted via Zoom. We are scheduling 30 minutes to 1 hour interviews, but in reality, there is no time limit, so it can go as long or short as desired. All interviews will be available on 11 major podcasting platforms including Anchor, Stitcher, Dezer, TuneIn, Apple podcasts, Google Podcasts, YouTube Music, Spotify, and more!  

Direction of interview

The premise of these interviews is mostly about the artist and the artist's career as a musician, their craft, and where they are headed during the near future. You are welcome to pre-arrange any questions you'd like for me (the host) to ask and we can add it to our list of questions ahead of time.

Tens of thousands of people will be watching live on YouTube and listening to the audio podcast, so we'd prefer our interview to be as laid back, fun, and casual as possible, rather than a fully structured Q&A interview.

First and foremost, this is to benefit the artist and entertain music lovers that have or have not heard your music before and hopefully get that audience to be more engaged, especially during this epidemic when touring is impossible.

If you have any new music you are releasing, videos, upcoming live events, other news you'd like us to announce, or ask you during our interview, please let us know ahead of time.

KGUP PRESENTS is a talk show based on the Los Angeles local Indie Radio station KGUP FM Emerge Radio. Established in 2012, KGUP has been supporting independent local artists and showcasing what’s up-and-coming. KGUP’s Alumni include artists including Big Data, LP, Teagan and Sara, Bleachers, The Neighbourhood, Cher Lloyd, Ed Sheeran, Pierce the Veil, Sleeping with Sirens, Lana Del Rey, London Grammer, and many more!

KGUP FM Emerge Radio is privately owned and operated and is a YouTubeMusic, YouTube, TuneIn, Universe Network, Spotify, and Google Play Music broadcast affiliate. All our music data and royalty and performance fees are reported and paid through YouTubeMusic, YouTube, TuneIn, Universe Network, Spotify, and Google Play Music.

All our episodes will also be available on your favorite podcast network including YouTube, Odysee, Dlive, Twitch, Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music, iTunes, Stitcher, and everywhere you watch and listen to podcasts!


Your music may also be selected for rotation on KGUP FM Emerge Radio at 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! You can listen to the radio station via Amazon Alexa by saying "Alexa, play KGUP FM" or listen on Google or Android by saying, "Ask KGUP FM to play". KGUP FM can also be heard on 18 radio networks around the world. KGUP FM also has curator playlists on YouTube Music, Spotify, and YouTube. Just search, "KGUP PRESENTS" Where to listen to KGUP PRESENTS

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DEBUT Your Song With Hip Hop Monument
submission price: $2.00

DEBUT Your Song With Hip Hop Monument

We are looking for dedicated artists that just need that extra bit of exposure to reach that next level! If selected you will have the option to fully release your single with us all expenses & promotion handled by us. Our second option is to receive our basic promo package for free which would include multiple social media posts/email marketing and other potential growth opportunities.

- Robert O'Brien - CEO - Hip Hop Monument

New Channel and Revenue Opportunity
submission price: $5.00

New Channel and Revenue Opportunity

We have a brand new video channel - to which we are seeking video submissions - if you have a great song and great video we want to see it - we specifically seek singer-songwriters, rock, country, and other genres - so please send us a video link to something that showcases you as an artist - perhaps a performance that tells the story of a song - perhaps a documentary style about you as an artist - or it could be from a live show but we want more than just the song. Submit the audio here but send us the youtube link to see the video in the reply)

We also have a unique new way for artists to make revenue from the support of their fans that we will be sending detail of to all videos that we select and trust me this is entirely new and original.

- Paul K Saunders - Co-Founder - New Music Lives

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Music webzine covering a wide range of artists
submission price: $2.00

Music webzine covering a wide range of artists

Please submit all kinds of music. Specializing in indie, electronic, wave and experimental. Please no covers. Music fan and music journalist. Last Day Deaf blog owner.

Music webzine covering a wide range of artists from indie to jazz and from electronic to metal...Few words...Let the music speak....

- CHRISTOS DOUKAKIS - Owner/Publisher -

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Have your track Professionally Mixed/produced and then made into a video to be promoted on my Social media
submission price: $0.00

Have your track Professionally Mixed/produced and then made into a video to be promoted on my Social media

I will listen to your recording.
then give you my opinion and a quote for further production or remixing. when finished I will produce a Video to promote across my social media check these out:

- Stuart Epps - Producer - Epps Music Production