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Khur musicxray
new Valentine's Romance Radio Rotation
submission price: $20.00

Valentine's Romance Radio Rotation

Valentines Romance Rotation: We are selecting Pop, Country, R&B, Hip Hop & Soul music for radio rotation for Valentine's Day (13 day rotation). Songs must be romantic and generally positive in nature to capture the spirit of love and the Valentine's Day Holiday. Music selected by our Program Director will be played daily from 2-5pm CST Feb 8-20 and are eligible for royalty payments. (Artist video interviews are available in a separate opportunity)

Open through Feb 5th

SUBMISSION Requirements:
• Tracks must be well produced, professional and ready for radio airing • MP3 file WITH METADATA ENCODED!!! (we will NOT edit your metadata for you)
• Artist must own all copyrights – please no uncleared samples
• Royalties paid by artist's respective P.R.O. (Performance Rights Organization) as well as SoundExchange (in the U.S. only). International artists are covered with reciprocating overseas entities.
• Songs are streamed randomly during allocated time slot; to hear your song on air please tune into KHUR Radio during those times. (Please have your friends, family and fans tune in to hear YOU as well).

KHUR Radio can be streamed here:
• Android Devices:
• Apple Devices:

- DinoFaReal - Owner - KHUR Radio • Any Web Browser: Connect with us on all Social Media Platforms: @khurradio - DinoFaReal - Owner - KHUR Radio - Heavy Hustles - Owner - KHUR Radio

A s applogo 1081x1081
submission price: $10.00


We are looking for awesome music we can use for our network's activities and streaming.

Keep in mind, we only provide more publicity, no royalty. However, we can also do interviews with submissions that really catch our eye. Everyone is welcome to inquire about an interview, but we will require a monetary donation, will go towards promotion of the interview.

- Dinard Gussie - CEO/FOUNDER - ANIME & SMOKE

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Dj BME Musik Mix Show Submissions
submission price: $20.00

Dj BME Musik Mix Show Submissions

Dj BME is now on Music Xray to help indie artists gain exposure and get heard from the masses through his social media followers.
At low cost services he offers of his own and also via partners he market/publish for. Many ways to get heard which one are you using? Or are you going for the gusto with nothing to lose? Which ever way you chose be your best at it, and if it’s a dream turn it into reality! This opportunity is for indie artists to get a free review if it’s a go and something Dj BME can work with, artists pay lower price for Mixtape slots and get deals on other services. Business Minded Entertainment is the label Dj BME runs (Ceo), and constantly trying to build into a full blown Indie Music Label Worldwide. Mixtape slots are usually $25, if artists pay for review and Dj BME approves it artists pay $15 for Mixtape slot, magazine placement also single promotion on Spotify.