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Seeking artist that sounds like Pop Smoke
submission price: $3.00

Seeking artist that sounds like Pop Smoke

I'm seeking an artist who can sound similar to pop smoke in Dior.

I'd like a low or gruff quality in the voice... able to layer really well and sound thick and a similar vibe to pop smoke On that track.

The track is totally different subject matter and type sound etc. but im looking for the voice.

the track will be placed on an album, a documentary sound track and also in the documentary.

This is a positive track with positive subject matter. I'll give an extra look at artists who already have positive tracks to show or do positive things in their community. feel free to write me with the submission and tell me about that link to other stuff youbwant to show me.

I'll be putting a very close eye to look at selecting the right voice but also the right artist. there will be future opportunities on more tracks for the album as well etc. I'll be seeking some other voice and artists but right now THIS is what I'm looking for.

this is a very good opportunity because there will be great attention toward this track and projects its associated with.

also I'm not paging uo front but regular percentage splits will be granted to the the artists associated for their work on the music.

show me what you got... what you're about... specifically what you can sound like etc. specifically if you can easily sound like what I'm looking for.

more detailed info to artists I select.

- Producer Robin Blesch - CEO / Producer - WPMG ENT Ltd, WPMG Music & WPFG Studios

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Singers that can do custom hooks
submission price: $3.00

Singers that can do custom hooks

I'm searching for singers who can help write and perform custom hooks. or just sing them. I'm making some new songs for an album and documentary sound track starting now.

I do already know singers, but inwant to see what other voices may be interested.

This is for a project that's a positive project. So if you're Into stuff that positively impacts our world... shit is the project to attach to. I'm looking for not just voices but likeminded artists as well.

So write me about who you are what you're about. show me what you can sound like. I'll be looking very close at these submissions. you can include links to more than the submitted song etc.

there will be regular profit splits with artists based on work done on the songs.

this is a good opportunity. more info will be given to artists I select.

take care

- Producer Robin Blesch - CEO / Producer - WPMG ENT Ltd, WPMG Music & WPFG Studios

Def Jam Looking for New Songs for Artist Placements
submission price: $10.00

Def Jam Looking for New Songs for Artist Placements

Def Jam Recordings is seeking outstanding hip-hop, R&B, trap and pop song for placements with our artists. The label focuses primarily on hip-hop and urban music, but we have a diverse roster and looking for talent that can do it all, working with a variety of our artists and cross-genres. Please submit your best track(s) for consideration, and let us know if there's a particular artist on our roster you think the song would work for.

- Jason "Polo" Carbonell / Def Jam Recordings

Deal Type: Song Placement
Decision Maker: I'm the final decision maker
Deal Structure: Exclusive
Compensation: Negotiable
Song Quality: Rough Mixes, Fully mastered, Broadcast ready
Similar Sounding Artists: Please see our artist roster HERE