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Ambient / Cinematic Songs for Games
submission price: $10.00

Ambient / Cinematic Songs for Games

We are currently working on multiple gaming projects that require Ambient and Cinematic Songs.

Various scenes include: Haunting, Action, Moody, Sparse, Romantic

Songs need to be between 3 and 8 minutes. Minimal vocals - prefer female vocals.

All genres of music accepted.

Fallen Highway Studios specializes in signing songwriters and artists for synch to Games, Ads, Film and TV. We have direct ins with music supervisors and agencies which work on all types of projects that require music.

- Marco Mazzei - A&R - Fallen Highway Studios

Promotion, Licensing & Distribution - Consideration with Tinderbox Music
submission price: $10.00

Promotion, Licensing & Distribution - Consideration with Tinderbox Music

Tinderbox is a music promotions and distribution company. Please submit your best track(s) for Promotion, Licensing, and Distribution consideration with Tinderbox Music.

I'm Jon Delange, the owner of Tinderbox. I do much of our television licensing. We are choosy about whom we work with, as I'm certain so are you. The prescription for a successful promoter is in not taking on more clients than they can justly promote. Our six full time and three part time music staff work on roughly a dozen new acts each month - that's it. That's the highest staff to artist ratio I'm aware of.

We work on over thirty major television shows. We also book some live events, music fests and do quite a bit of small market radio, press and tour support duties.

Click HERE for a blog piece. I thought it would be a good read for anyone interested in music promotion. It certainly covers a lot of the duties that Tinderbox engages in. If selected, additional promotional fees may apply

- Jon Delange / Tinderbox Music

Star Creek Promotions - Compilation, Distribution, & Promos
submission price: $3.00

Star Creek Promotions - Compilation, Distribution, & Promos

We are a full independent artists promotion company we promote independent Gospel, Country & Folk artists to radio through our monthly Compilations.

Star Creek Promotions will electronically distribute your song to thousands of AM, FM, Internet and satellite radio stations worldwide. Distribution is done through our high-quality, monthly compilation.

We offer unparalleled service and work closely with DJs and radio programmers to get your song the most airplay possible. And the more spins you receive, the more success you will see by way of increased sales, website traffic and fan response.

We aim to help you reach your musical goals by making the radio aspect of your marketing campaign as affordable as possible.

- Randolph Michaud / Star Creek Records

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Seeking music for film and television license opportunities
submission price: $7.00

Just Say Go Music seeking music for film and television license opportunities

We are seeking great, energetic music of all genres - music that screams "put me in a movie, on TV or in an ad. Please include a description of where you see your song being placed and why you feel it's a strong song for a particular type of opportunity. If we agree, we'll try to place it.

Just Say Go Music is a music licensing company comprised of current and former employees from major record labels, publishing companies, and television networks. Compiling their resources, talents, experience, and energy, the team is able to offer their writers and artists a wide array of formats with which to utilize and expose their music. Thus Far, JSG has compiled a very strong catalogue of artists featured in MTV, VH1, Oxygen, and more.

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Composer/producer collaboration
submission price: $10.00

Composer/producer collaboration

We are looking for professional composer/producer to collaborate in music production. This would not be a single deal, but a catalog deal, once your production is selected.

Please submit to this opportunity only if you have a certain catalog to offer, not a single song. For our consideration – please submit your best track.

If we select you, it means that your production will be placed in the production library Baltic Countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) for possible placements in Television shows, documentaries, news/sports feeds, etc. We offer non-exclusive publishing agreement and PRO royalties.

We need instrumentals in the following genres: electronica, cinematic/soundtracks, hip hop, pop, roots/country and also melodic sound design with comfortable expressions suitable for documentaries, newsfeeds, tv shows, etc.

Looking forward to receiving high quality mastered instrumental productions!

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Looking to sign Female & Male artist to Record Deal w/ Signing Bonus!!!
submission price: $8.00

Seeking music for OriginalNile Film Production Co. Film

We are submitting music for a film score. The film is being made by OriginalNile Productions. The working film title is "Legends of Hip Hop". Please submit your best tracks for consideration.

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Break-up, Heartbreak, Loss of Love, Broken Heart Songs
submission price: $16.99

Break-up, Heartbreak, Loss of Love & Broken Heart Songs
Break-up, Heartbreak, Loss of Love & Broken Heart Songs needed for upcoming compilation CD. For Consideration, submitt finished songs only please. Songs can be any tempo and can reflect any emotion felt from having a broken heart including anger, revenge, pain and/or sorrow etc. We will consider all genres but incourge Country, Pop, Rock, R&B, Blues and Adult Contemporary submissions.

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Looking for Upbeat Anthemic Uplifting Music
submission price: $15.00

Looking for Upbeat Anthemic Uplifting Music

We have placements in Ads, Film and TV for Upbeat Anthemic Uplifting Songs. Needs songs about being strong, unstoppable, bold, survivor, not going to give up, going to make it.

Production Reference tracks include:
Danger Twins - Unstoppable
The Script - Hall of Fame
The Phantoms - Nothing Like This
Wayfarers - Just Our Style
Ben Rector - Brand New

Any genre accepted
Instrumentals also accepted, however, we will be looking at adding a vocalist to the track.
You must own the stems and rights to the song.
Demos or Full Productions accepted.

- Marco Mazzei / Fallen Highway Studios

Deal Type: Sync Placement
Decision Maker: Selected tracks will be pitched for final decision
Deal Structure: Non-Exclusive
Compensation: Negotiable
Song Quality: Rough Mixes, Fully mastered, Broadcast ready
Similar Sounding Artists: The Script, Danger Twin, The Phantoms, Wayfarers, Ben Rector

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Looking for R&B / HipHop / World Music for Potential Soundtrack Placements
submission price: $20.00

Looking for R&B / HipHop / World Music for Potential Soundtrack Placements

Looking for R&B / HipHop / World Music for Potential Soundtrack Placements. Finished Product Only. Mixed & Mastered. Distribution via Sony/Red. Potential Single & Album Deals... Please submit your BEST track(s) for consideration.

- Manny "Maddog" Ayala - Executive Director - The Collective Agency

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Seeking Songwriters For Publishing Opportunities
submission price: $10.00

Seeking Songwriters For Publishing Opportunities

Currently seeking new talented songwriters to shop for publishing opportunities. Fully finished records are a MUST for this submission. Submit now!!!

- Aaron Husband - A&R Manager - PR1

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Seeking Worship Music (Studio Recorded)
submission price: $2.00

Seeking Worship Music (Studio Recorded)

I am looking for some really inspiring Worship Music, and I am looking for some good Christian artists to work with.

Studio recorded music in this drop box, all genres but Country.

First, I want to compile a couple of albums of already existing music that artists want highlighted. Then, I'd like to create some original music with some of the artists I find. Please submit your best track(s) for consideration.

- Robin Blesch / WPMG ENT Ltd, WPMG Music & WPFG Studios

Deal Type: Compilation Project
Decision Maker: We are the final decision maker
Deal Structure: Non-Exclusive
Compensation: $0
Song Quality: Fully mastered, Broadcast ready

Vip music records
Seeking R&B / Rap / Pop
submission price: $0.00

Seeking R&B / Rap / Pop

Our team of songwriters from Secret Hit Music is looking for full demos to work with, we looking for the perfect pitch to place with a top A artist or either a material we can feel and make it better.

- Fabrizio Moreira - CEO - VIP Music Records

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Seeking All Genres for TV Placements
submission price: $0.00

Seeking All Genres for TV Placements

Looking for song submissions of any genre for TV placements. We work with a variety of show and are always looking for new music to place. Please submit your best track(s) for consideration.

Never wavering from our philosophy, our efforts have resulted in the placement of our artists’ music from indie films to shows such as Big Bang Theory, America's Next Top Model, Last Comic Standing, and NCIS: LA, just to name a few.

- Tyler Dofflow - A&R Manager - Quiet On The Set Inc.