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new TV Shows looking for music - $2k a track!!
submission price: $30.00
Payout: $2,001 - $3,000

TV Shows looking for music - $2k a track!!

We have a lot of shows looking for great music and while we can't give away specific details about which shows right now we are looking for shows in the vein of long running network shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the CSI series, Real World, 9-1-1 series and Million Little Things.

This means that we currently need lots of really strong pieces of music - stand out tracks for their respective genre - if it's dance make it a massive dance record straight out of the beaches of Ibiza, if it's country it needs to be a full on truck driving whiskey drinking country vibe. They want music that sounds like the best in class and are willing to pay $2,000 per track they select.

Only conditions are (a) no explicit lyrics, it is for TV after all and (b) finished great pieces of music - full songs, beats, instrumentals etc are all fine but no demo's for this please.

We listen to every single submission and it is carefully considered for the pitch it is selected for so please keep that in mind - if you have something you submitted previously by all means resubmit here and there is no limit on the number of songs/tracks you can submit. The deals are non-exclusive licenses for each track so it is possible to earn multiples of $2k just in license fees alone and then even more on the back end with performance income. So with that in mind the key to submitting is JUST MAKE THEM GREAT!

- Chris Woods - Owner Manager - Alignment Management

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Worldwide Restaurant Chain Looking for in house radio $2k - $5k per song
submission price: $11.00
Payout: $2,001 - $3,000

Worldwide Restaurant Chain Looking for in house radio $2k - $5k per song

Worldwide Restaurant Chain Looking for in house radio $2k - $5k per song

Worldwide Restaurant Chain looking for music for ads and In-House radio A CMI Music Group has been asked by a worldwide restaurant chain to find music for their in house restaurant radio.

This is a great opportunity for your music to be heard by a very diverse audience who ordinarily may not hear it.

All styles of music will be considered although no explicit lyrics or lyrical content that could cause offense. I advise against sending in any heavy metal or anything musically aggressive. I have control over the choice but obviously they have to agree for their own brand.

Please submit your best work, radio ready, mastered songs. You must own 100% copyright. Only songs with cleared samples. I will accept demos as I am also a music producer / studio owner so if the song is a 'no brainer' and has enough potential to fit the opp then I would consider re-cutting it for the client.

The CMI Music Group has worked closely with companies such as: Apple, Honda, Samsung, BBC, ABC, Costa, Reebok, H&M, New Show Media, Massive Films, Rickety Shack films and more.

Payouts and rights: If selected you will keep 100% of your rights, royalties and payments dependent on the amount of times the tracks are used. Payout is $2k-$5k dependent on usage and length of use. The license is Non-Exclusive and covers the US and Europe only.

If selected the songs will be passed to the company and they will have the final say, CMI Music Group will be on hand to help the artist all the way through the process with chosen artists (at no financial charge).

All songs submitted will be considered for all the others opps we have. PLEASE DO NOT SEND US TRACKS TO OUR FACEBOOK, SOUNDCLOUD, EMAIL, LINKEDIN OR ANY SOCIAL MEDIA.

- Alexander Johnston / CMI Music Group International

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TON 4 MUSIC Production Music Library
submission price: $8.00
Payout: $2,001 - $3,000

TON 4 MUSIC Production Music Library

TON 4 MUSIC specializes in music licensing for TV, movies and corporate videos, we offer global delivery of music to all broadcasts, film producers and music supervisors; all styles are welcome, esp instrumental, classic, acoustic as well as typical filmscore; we only sign AAA+ tracks, basis is an exclusive publishing contract and non exclusive master license.