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Library Music Opportunity
submission price: $12.50
Payout: $501 - $1,000

Library Music Opportunity

We are looking for master quality Instrumental tracks for possible inclusion in a well established Mood Music Library. All styles including Orchestral, Electronic, Soundtrack, Jazz, Pop, Hip Hop and World Music will be accepted for submission but must be finished product to a high standard of production.

We are looking forward to listening to some great music. Thanks again.

- Dean Hart / Afrikan Cowboy Publishing

Deal Type: Catalog Inclusion
Decision Maker: We are the final decision maker
Deal Structure: Negotiable
Compensation: $500+ Based on Placement
Song Quality: Fully mastered, Broadcast ready
Similar Sounding Artists: N/A

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Looking for Rock/Pop Anthems re: Catalogue inclusion.
submission price: $12.00
Payout: $1 - $100

Looking for Rock/Pop Anthems re: Catalogue inclusion

Hi , We are looking for big rock/pop anthems for placement within our catalogue.
Songs should be melodic, emotional , laden with clever lyrics that resound with a younger audience. Upbeat , mid tempo and ballads.

Please send only your best tracks.

Afrikan Cowboy Publishing is a small independent music publisher based in the UK. Our main focus is commercial pop for the South East Asian market but also work with partners in Europe, Africa and the US.

Dean Hart

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Epic Atmospheric Covers
submission price: $10.00

Epic Atmospheric Covers

Epic atmospheric covers with vocals (Prefer female vocals for these types of songs but both will work)

Reference track

If you don’t have a vocalist we can organize a session Vocalist on a work for hire basis with a great vocalist for you. We can also help out with the mix master.

Fallen Highway Studios specializes in signing songwriters and artists for synch to Games, Ads, Film and TV. We have direct ins with music supervisors and agencies which work on all types of projects that require music.

We also develop our own projects (mainly games) that always have music requirements.

We will ensure that your music is ready to be pitched to our clients. We source music that meet our clients needs and/or work with artists to write and produce songs.

We work with clients of all sizes. We have access to indie projects all the way up to majors such as Disney films. We pitch direct to our clients however we also take your music one step further and include them in catalogues that we pitch to Ad agencies, music agencies, trailer companies and more. Most of our clients are based in the USA however we also have ins with the Asian market, Australia, and Europe.

Demos accepted.

Note atmospheric piano tracks with vocals will also work.

- Marco Mazzei - A&R - Fallen Highway Studios

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Film/TV Sync Placement Opportunities
submission price: $0.00

Film/TV Sync Placement Opportunities

High Quality, Uptempo Hip Hop Music Creators.

We have several placement opportunities. We are hoping to partner with great artists! Songs must be clearable (ownership must be established). Artists must have clean versions. All songs must have instrumental version.

- Arthur Davis - Urban Music Coordinator