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New Songs needed for A Beat of this and a Bit of that
submission price: $20.00

New Songs needed for A Beat of this and a Bit of that

A BEAT of This and A BIT of That” on every Tuesday 9pm-11pm GMT. With my co-host/sidekick Joe (@perverseimp), we play and chat about great music from the gaming world and beyond.

Frag Radio is a station run by gamers specifically for gamers! Broadcasting 24/7 and playing all the tracks you love to listen to! We try to attend as many events as possible e.g. Gamescom, Insomnia, ElectricLove, and London Gaming Con to name a few. For more details visit or drop us an email as we always like to hear from our listeners!
We love listening and sharing new music if you would like a bit of spotlight for your band drop us a track.

- Luke Earnshaw - Presenter - Frag radio

Deal Type: Radio Airplay
Where is this radio station heard?: Online
Radio Format: Freeform Radio
Similar Sounding Artists: Megaran, paramore, feeder, offspring, Grant Kirkhope

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Get Major Promo to over 1 Million People
submission price: $20.00

Get Major Promo to over 1 Million People

*FM Radio Play (1 week)
*Your song sent to the top DJs in the country
*in 30 days you will get their feedback on your song
*Your song will be sent to radio stations across the country
*You will get a list of the stations that downloaded your song for radio play
*An EPK or Press Release
*EPK or Press Release Blasted to 1 Million people which include DJs, A&Rs, promoters, media, and people who purchase music online
*You will get report on how many a&rs reviewed your stuff and their email addresses
*Song submitted for placement in TV, Movies, and Videogames
The JSP Artist Support Package (The Package contains the following):
1-The contact list of 100s of a&r's with their contact numbers and email addresses
2-Links to Branding and Marketing companies
3-List of all the top music blogs that labels go to looking for new talent
4-Links to major music festivals
5-Links to investors and funding sources
6-A&R Criteria list of what an artist needs to be considered for a deal
7-Links to verifying your social media pages
8-List of College Radio Stations that will play your music
9-List of Stores that will sell your indie music
10- and Much More

- Jay Stuart / Jay Stuart Productions

Deal Type: Exposure Opportunity
Decision Maker: I'm the final decision maker
Deal Structure: Non-Exclusive
Compensation: Exposure Opportunity
Song Quality: Fully mastered, Broadcast ready

Instrumental background music playlist placement (Spotify)
submission price: $8.00

Instrumental background music playlist placement (Spotify)

Ouranio Recordings / Celestial Aeon Project curates almost 100,000 followers sized pool of playlists on Spotify that focus on instrumental background music (study / focus / relax etc.).

We are always interested in hearing possible tunes for placement on the playlists, but we want to have the quality level high, hence we have to filter the submissions carefully. Remember that you can't purchase a playlist spot as it is against Spotify EULA but you can purchase the opportunity / consideration possibility.

Playlists are organic and hence it is impossible to guarantee any specific listening volume no matter what the follower count happens to be at a time.

- Matti Paalanen / Ouranio Recordings

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Seeking Music Videos for Urban TV Playlist Placement
submission price: $10.00

Seeking Music Videos for Urban TV Playlist Placement

We are seeking music videos to include in a JTV Digital-branded playlist on paid TV channel "TRACE Urban France".

We are looking into the following genres: urban pop, rap, r&b, afro, tropical house.
Songs with lyrics in French are preferred.


If you want to get commercial TV airplay in France there is no better way.

If selected your music video will be placed in a JTV Digital branded playlist on TRACE Urban France and the artist will be offered a distribution & publishing deal.

Please note we have a very selective policy and will only consider music videos with great production quality and commercial potential. Submitting your music video or song does not guarantee any placement.

Please submit a link to your music video in the message section with your song submission.

- Jeremie Varengo / JTV Digital

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URGENT: Seeking Ringtones for East Africa
submission price: $10.00

URGENT: Seeking Ringtones for East Africa

This is an urgent opportunity.

We are looking to license approx. 50 songs to be exploited as Ringtones (30 sec audio cuts) for Telecom operators in East Africa.

Selected artists will be offered a non-exclusive 50/50 digital distribution agreement.

Our clients are looking at these specific genres ONLY:
- Naija top tunes
- Ragga tunes
- Hip hop african tunes
- Kwaito tunes

All songs not matching with the abovementioned genres will be rejected.

Recordings must be professionally mixed and mastered.

-- NO DEMO accepted --

-- HIGH QUALITY submissions only --

- Jeremie Varengo - General Manager - JTV Digital

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Co-write a song with award-winning songwriter Holly Steele
submission price: $25.00

Co-write a song with award-winning songwriter Holly Steele

Looking for talented songwriters, vocalists and musicians to co-write and collaborate songs for placement in numerous opportunities. Many industry connections. All genres welcome to submit. Please send a song that shows off your songwriting and vocal talents. Thank you and I look forward to hearing your music and voice. Bands are welcome to submit as well as solo artists looking for a mentor and co-writer.

- Holly Steele / Burning Steele Publishing