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Dean Hart A&R - Afrikan Cowboy Publishing

Afrikan Cowboy Publishing is a small independent music publisher based in the UK. Our main focus is commercial pop for the South East Asian market but also work with partners in Europe, Africa and the US.

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Available Opportunities

Taiwan Pop artist - Zhang Bichen - looking for songs
Zhang Bichen is looking for more uptempo pop songs. Strings sounds and light electronic influences would be preferable. Video of artist on youtube: Song direction for the artist are: Fast Songs -String-heavy light electronic element slack 1) Cle...  Learn More
Jason Chan, Hong Kong - Canadian Singer Looking For Songs
Jason Chan is a Hong Kong Canadian singer. He debuted under Sony Music in 2006 and released his debut album First Experience in 2007 and has since released more than 10 albums. Sings pop ballads and soulful songs. Listen to the songs below for an indication of what we are looking for. He is lo...  Learn More
Hong Kong singer Haken Lee Looking for songs, various genres.
Hong Hong singer Haken Lee is Looking for mid tempo tracks, can be relaxed and happy, the genre can be funky/ reggae/ bossa nova/ cha cha. see a selection of his music here: Cowboy Publishing is a ...  Learn More
Henry Lau - Chinese Canadian Artist
Henry Lau is a multi talented Chines- Canadian artist. Singer, pianist, Violinist. He is looking for strong songs which can be be arranged around his talents. Ballads and uptempo Anthemic pop songs. Piano based songs would be preferable. ref: https:...  Learn More
Country/Pop Anthem for New Female Artist
New female artist in Australia looking for country/pop crossover songs. Songs should be uptempo and Anthemic. More POP than country. Lyric should be more country style than pop, still have a good human story and emotional content. Think Shania Twain, Lean Rimes, Faith Hill. Thanks, looking f...  Learn More
Song Critique - Before You Pitch
Pitching a track to a publisher or record label is almost like going for a job interview. Think about it. If you went for a job interview you would prepare days or weeks in advance making sure your CV was up to date, perfectly arranged and full of well-written content. You would go to that inter...  Learn More
Songs required for Recording Artists
We are searching again this year for hit songs for a host of signed artists with projects in production this year. Well crafted songs with clever edgy lyrics and memorable melodies. Songs that have a current commercial sound and feel that you would hear in the top 40 charts. Songs that have that ...  Learn More
Top UK Producer Looking for Edgy Pop Songs
We are looking for hits for a top UK producer working with new and established British and US artists. The tracks should have edgy well conceived lyrics with an emotional feeling. Mid to uptempo beats and very hooky choruses with current sounds and production. Listen to samples: - Ryder - Ruins...  Learn More
Library Music Opportunity
We are looking for master quality Instrumental tracks for possible inclusion in a newly established Mood Music Library. All styles including Orchestral, Electronic, Soundtrack, Jazz, Pop, Hip Hop and World Music will be accepted for submission but must be finished product to a high standard of pr...  Learn More
Seeking Instrumentals for Top Lines. Commercial Pop, R&b and   ...
Looking for instrumental backtracks for top line writers. Must be finished masters produced to top level. We are looking for Pop, R&B and Dance backtracks that are current and commercial and will fit the SE ASIAN sounds i.e K-POP and J-POP. Thanks looking forward to hearing great beats and insp...  Learn More
Seeking Current Sounding Commercial Ballads For Various Artists   ...
Afrikan Cowboy Publishing is looking for amazing slow to mid tempo ballads to pitch to male and female artists in SE Asia and Japan. Piano and string driven songs that are full of melody and emotion. Sentimental, sad but uplifting songs. Ballads are very popular in SE Asia and artists may incl...  Learn More
Commercial Hit Songs - Submit for the SE Asian Market - Taiwan,   ...
Looking for commercial hit songs for a host of pop artists in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan etc. We work closely with Universal Music in Hong Kong, giving us direct access to major artists in South East Asia and Japan searching for tracks for their next and current projects. We are looking for...  Learn More
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