Alignment Management Company

Chris Woods
Owner Manager - Alignment Management

Experienced Talent Manager & Entertainment Attorney. Founded Alignment Management, a talent management company with multi-platinum and award winning Producers, Writers & Artists

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Available Opportunities

Christian Music / Faith based Opportunity
In perfect timing with Easter weekend we have a need for a faith based song for a huge opportunity. We are working with a production company to find music for an upcoming epic mini series that takes place in a modern setting but is heavily faith based and Christian in its messaging and themes. ...  Learn More
Thriller seeks intriguing, emotional song
We are looking for a title song for a major motion picture. This is a big budget thriller so excitement and intrigue is key here. Lyric ideally would be interesting, emotional and reflective, potentially complex but doesn't have to be. Open to any genre - the chosen song will be used in the cr...  Learn More
Hear your song across Europe
This is a great opportunity to hear your song reimagined and played extensively throughout radio and clubs in Europe. We have a number of the world's biggest DJ/Producers looking for top lines, lyrics and songs they can reimagine in a dance setting and release through their respective labels. T...  Learn More
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