Artist Development and Publishing

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Ric Robbins President - Incorporated Elements

Incorporated Elements is a company that works with songwriters, artists, producers, and DJ's to help them perfect their craft and fully realize the potential in their art. We work in the areas of production, publishing, film/TV licensing, artist dev...

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Available Opportunities

High energy, anthemic songs needed for sports broadcasts and ad   ...
We are beginning to work with several companies who are placing music in upcoming sports broadcasts as they begin to play again in the coming weeks and months. We are in need of high energy and anthemic songs. Genres mostly needed are Hip-Hop, EDM, and Pop, but would consider rock if it fits ...  Learn More
Pop, acoustic, and Singer/Songwriter tracks needed for film   ...
We are in need of songs about love and having faith in finding a lasting love. Styles can be Pop, acoustic, or Singer/Songwriter. Male or female vocals or both. The song is needed for a film being released in 2021, so the decision process will last a while to find the perfect fit. If we think...  Learn More
Top 40 type Pop Songs needed for film license
Current/Billboard top 40 type Pop songs needed for a film license. The film will release in late 2021, so final decision is still a few months away. Songs can be male or female vocals. Some rap can be included, but mostly singing. Songs must be full songs and not instrumentals, and can not hav...  Learn More
Sentimental, Unconditional Love Songs Needed for Film Placement
We are in need of a current sounding, emotional song that is sentimental in nature. It can be about unconditional love, loyalty, sticking through hard times, looking forward to better times. Open to all genres, but primarily looking for singer/songwriter based songs. If we think your submiss...  Learn More
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