Frequently Asked Questions

Music Xray is a platform where artists can submit their music directly to Industry Professionals. When you submit to an opportunity, your track goes directly to the decision makers: no middle-men, no pre-screeners, just a direct link between artist and Industry Professional. Interested in creating account? Continue reading below for instructions:
Sign up for an Industry Professional account here.
Sign up for an Artist account here.
Sign up for a Fan account here.
At Music Xray, we guarantee that your submission will be listened and attended within 45 days. We feel that this gives the Music Industry Professionals on our site enough time to consider submissions in relation to others they’ve received, while keeping artists in the loop. (note: this time limit does not apply to your Diagnostics ratings or Fan Match Campaign).

If the deadline has passed, and you have not been contacted by the Industry Professional or a member of Music Xray's support team, please send an email to support@musicxray.com. We will follow up directly to make sure it gets resolved, or we will credit back the full cost of your submission (both the transaction fee and submission fee)!
Please check out our success stories page here.

General Artist Information

On our home page, you will see a button that says, "I Am an Artist." Click on that button and follow the steps on the next page!
You can also sign up here.
Please visit this link for more information!
To invite your friends to join Music Xray, first make sure you are in your artist dashboard. You will see a green button that says “invite other artists via email.” Select this button, which will take you to a pop-up window. Here, you can either enter email addresses manually, or import your musician friend contacts.
If you are using your affiliate id for posts to the Music Xray site to earn extra income you can now use our RSS feed to do the same. Just use this RSS feed that has the latest opportunities and include your affiliate id (i.e. - http://www.musicxray.com/artist/categories.rss?afid=) at the end of it.

You can also read a little bit more about our new RSS feed here.

Uploading and Managing your Music on Music Xray

When you’re logged into your account, go the the “dashboard” tab. From here, you will see three different buttons/links that allow you to import your tracks to your Music Xray account in various ways:

Upload Songs:This button lets you manually upload mp3 versions of your songs. When you click this grey button, you will be able to choose mp3 versions of your songs directly from your computer. You will only be able to upload one song at a time with this option.

Connect with SoundCloud: If you use SoundCloud, please click on the button provided. A pop-up will appear asking you to “Connect” with SoundCloud - allow this action. To change your SoundCloud settings, please go to the “account” tab and select “settings / preferences” from the dropdown menu. You will then see a “SoundCloud” tab, which provides you with three song importing options.
*If you require further assistance on integrating with SoundCloud, or have any questions about the partnership, please refer to this page.

Music Profiles: By clicking on this blue link within your dashboard, you will be taken to a new page that lists all of the possible music profiles from which you can import your tracks/songs. To do this correctly, please enter the exact profile URL in the text box(es) provided. After you insert your profile link, click the “import” box next to the link. Finally, scroll to the bottom and click the “save” button. To check the status of your requests, please click on the “import requests” link on the right-hand side of the screen. This will show you which requests are currently processing.

BandPage: To connect with BandPage, please go to the “account” tab and select “settings / preferences” from the dropdown menu. You will then see a “BandPage” tab. Here, you will be able to connect with your BandPage account by clicking on the “BandPage Connect” button provided.

*For more information on our partnership with BandPage, check out our blog post.
Your songs must be in mp3 format and under 20MB.
There is no limit to how many songs you can upload to Music Xray. In fact, we encourage you to upload your entire song catalog so you never miss an S2O opportunity (what’s this? S2O.
The best way to have all of your songs in your Music Xray account is to integrate it with SoundCloud by using the auto-import feature (please refer to “How do I upload songs to Music Xray”). Alternatively, you can directly upload songs in mp3 format to the site. If you’re using our network profile import feature, we have a maximum of 5 songs you are allowed to import per website.
In order to delete a song, make sure you’re in your dashboard. Then, select “manage track” next to the song you wish to delete. From here, click the “View / Edit Song” button. You’ll then see a red “Delete Song” button. Select this button and you will receive a message asking if you’re sure you wish to proceed. Once you have confirmed, the song will be permanently removed from your account.
When you delete a song that has been submitted to an opportunity in the past, the Industry Professional will no longer have a way to contact you. Furthermore, all previous submissions, related actions, conversations, information and data will be removed permanently from our system. This means if you have submitted to an opportunity and are waiting to hear back from an Industry Professional, please do not delete that song until you have received a complete response, unless you wish to remove it permanently from our system. We do not have a way to restore a song after it has been deleted, so please make sure when you delete a song that the right version, or track, is being deleted.
With Music Xray, there are no monthly or yearly membership fees. Here is the breakdown of the costs:

The first time you ever submit a song: you will pay a $5.00 transaction fee, the submission fee set by the Industry Professional, and an additional $10.00 just for the first submission of that song.
Why must you pay $10.00 for the first submission of a song?

This $10.00 charge is for a service called “Diagnostics” - a GPS-like tracking system for your song. Going forward, you will never have to pay this additional $10.00 for that specific song. However, each time you submit to an opportunity with a new song, the $10.00 charge will be required. We hope that you find the value within Diagnostics and will decide to use it for each and every song!

For each submission, you only pay a $5.00 transaction fee plus a submission fee set by the Industry Professional.
Transaction fees do differ from submission fees. Let us explain: for every single opportunity on Music Xray, there is a constant transaction fee of $5.00. Even if the opportunity is listed as free by an entity or professional, you will see a Music Xray submission fee for $5.00. The service fee is not charged by the entity accepting submissions; however, they can control whether or not it is charged. The $5.00 mandatory fee works as a circuit breaker and enables these professionals to continue to effectively handle unsolicited submissions.
Only verified and vetted industry professionals can post opportunities on the site. Our staff filters all postings to ensure they’re accurate and relevant. We never allow services to be sold or solicited on the site, so you can submit with confidence.
They represent a wide variety of backgrounds, experience, and genres. From Grammy-winning producers and prominent music supervisors, to sound engineers and career coaches, Music Xray provides you with a direct connection to the top tier of the industry.
You only pay when you decide to submit a song to an opportunity, and the prices for each submission vary depending on who the Industry Professional is and what they are offering. The submission fees on our website are affordable and will be listed on each Industry Professional's dropbox. Many times, they opt to charge a submission fee because they will either be unable to attend to the many submissions received within 45 days, or they want to ensure artists submitting are only sending their best material. This is also to deter people from submitting songs that are not their original compositions.
Music Industry Professionals set their fee based on how many submissions they can handle. Many of them send their fees off to various charities directly from Music Xray. They’re not allowed to use the fees as part of their business or to run contests. We do not tolerate any Industry Professional abusing these fees, and we appreciate hearing from you if there is suspicious activity. Please email us at support@musicxray.com to report any inappropriate behavior.

Read more about submission fees on our blog.
Watch the video about fees.
  1. Login and go here.
  2. Select an opportunity that interests you
  3. Choose a song from your Music Xray account, or upload a new one!
  4. Add a message to go along with your submission
  5. Select payment type - which goes through PayPal
  6. If you have a promo code or money in your account balance, you can opt to use it at checkout.
  7. Submit!
This is a question that requires you to take several things into consideration. You should always check with your label or management to make sure you’re in a position to find song placements. Often times, deals on Music Xray are "non-exclusive" meaning the industry professional does not need exclusive rights to your tracks. You should always consult your label to find out exactly what your contract allows. If they have the exclusive rights to all of your music, you may not be able to make deals with other people in the industry. Just ask them! Also, if you’re unsure of whether an opportunity on Music Xray is exclusive, don’t be afraid to contact our customer service for clarification.
Currently, our opportunities are filtered by "category" only. However, there is a search bar on the opportunities page where you can enter key words. Feel free to check the “No submission fee” category for opportunities that don’t carry any additional submission fee (only the $4 transaction fee will apply).
You are able to upload anything that is in mp3 format; however, we strongly suggest submitting a song (with some amount of instrumentation) unless the Industry Professional specifically requests for "lyrics only."

Submission Fee's and Payment

Of course! Many opportunities accept both instrumental tracks and songs with vocals.
The quality of the songs do not always matter on Music Xray. Its important to read the descriptions for an opportunity before you submit to get a feel for what types of tracks the industry professional is looking for. Sometimes an industry professional is looking for finalized songs for radio play, sync licensing, or film placements and the tracks should be of a very high caliber. The description will usually denote that they’re seeking “Mastered tracks” or “High quality submissions only”.

Other times industry professionals might be seeking songs for other recording artists they work with to record and perform. In this case, demos are often acceptable.
Physically, our site is only set up to let you select and submit to one opportunity at once because you can only make one transaction at a time. However, you can submit to as many opportunities as you want, using the same (or different) songs as many times as you want. Basically - there is no limit to the amount of submissions you can make in a day and you don't have to submit a new, or different, song every time!
Furthermore, you can submit several songs to one opportunity, you’ll just have to check out separately each time. This is just because we don’t have a shopping cart feature at this time, but are considering it for future versions.
The Industry Professionals on our site have a strict 45 day deadline policy that they must adhere to. We feel that this gives them enough time to consider submissions in relation to others they receive, while keeping artists in the loop. If the deadline has passed, and you have not been contacted by the Industry Professional or a member of Music Xray's support team, our support team will gladly reach out to check in on the status of your submission. Alternatively, we’ll refund your money if you no longer wish to wait. Thats the guarantee you get on Music Xray.
The submission status appears on every submission you make and depending on the opportunity you submit to the status may vary. To check on the status of each submission, make sure you’re in your dashboard, then select “manage track” next to the song you wish to view your submission history of. From here, click the “Submission Management” button. You will then be able to see a history of all the submissions you’ve ever made for this particular song. There are currently five different types submission statuses that shows up next to each submission:

Pending: The first status you will encounter. This basically means that the song has been submitted and is waiting for the Industry Professional to check on the submission. We allow up to 45 days for the Industry Professional to respond to your submission. If and when the 45 days has passed and the Industry Professional has yet to respond to you, we will issue you a refund.

Processing: This is somewhat similar to the "Pending" status but the difference is that the Industry Professional has listened to the submission, but has yet to make a final decision on it (i.e. change the status to "not selected," "selected," or "hold"). This remains an active submission and just like the "Pending" status, the Industry Professional only has 45 days to get back to it and make a decision or we issue you a refund.

Hold: After the Industry Professional has listened to your submission this shows up when the Industry Professional feels they need more time to decide on the submission so they put it on hold. There is no definite time for putting a submission on hold though we remind the Industry Professional about submissions they put on hold every 10 days. Since the Industry Professional has already listened to your music, at this point we can no longer issue you a refund.

Not Selected: After the Industry Professional has listened to your submission this shows up when they decide to pass on your submission. By clicking on the "Not Selected" status a pop up will appear containing the Industry Professional's message to you. Since the Industry Professional has already listened to your music, at this point we can no longer issue you a refund.

Selected: After the Industry Professional has listened to your submission this shows up when they decide they like your music. By clicking on the "Selected" status a pop up will appear with a short instruction on what to do next. You may also click on "conduct conversation" to open up a two way conversation between you and the Industry Professional. Since the Industry Professional has already listened to your music, at this point we can no longer issue you a refund.

Short response types: If you have submitted to have your song considered for an opportunity, you can expect a brief response within 45 days. Regardless of the submission fee, the response is not likely to be more than a few words about why your song was or was not selected. Higher submission fees for these types of opportunities do not necessarily receive more detailed responses than those with lower fees.

  1. Submission only: This type of dropbox will result in your music either being "selected" which means your music has been chosen for the opportunity. Or it will result in "not selected" which means the person receiving your music has chosen to pass on your song. They may also put it "on hold" while making their decision.
    1. Longer response (feedback) types: If you have submitted your music for a song critique, some career coaching or a conversation (called ping-backs) with an industry professional, you can expect a longer, personalized and more thoughtful response.

      1. Detailed song critique/free form review: This interaction is a review only interaction. You will get a review, but will not be able to respond to the review.
      2. Two-way conversation/pingbacks: This is a conversation interaction. You will be able to talk back and forth with this person for a set amount of iterations. 6 pingbacks would mean that you could talk to this person 6 times.
A "pingback" is just another word for "conversation." To see your pingbacks, please click on “Manage track” next to the song you wish to view associated conversations of. On the next page, click the tab entitled “Submission Management” and the conversations you have will appear. Click on “conduct conversation” next to the opportunity you wish to view the current, or past, conversation of.
No. We do not take any portion of any deal reached as a result of our site. We let you keep all the money you make from any deal. If you encounter any questionable material within a contract, we suggest you consult an entertainment lawyer or contact our customer support team at support@musicxray.com.
We only accept PayPal. You can check out directly with your PayPal account by signing in with your credentials when prompted. Alternatively, PayPal enables you to check out as a guest. To do this, simply select the "buy as a guest" option on the PayPal pop-up window. If you experience any problems when checking out, please send an email to support@musicxray.com.
To view your past submissions, you will first have to select a song with a submission history. Next, click on the “manage track” button next to the song that you want to see the previous submissions of. Then, select “Submission Management” from within your dashboard, which will show you the total history of every single submission made with that particular song.

Editing and Sharing your Music

There are two ways to find your song’s permanent link (xray):

  1. When in your dashboard tab, you can simply click on the blue link that is associated with the title of your song. This will take you directly to a new page, where you can copy and paste the text from the address bar. This will be your Music Xray URL.
  2. You can also select the “manage track” button next to your song title. Then, select “View / Edit Song.” You will then see a blue link that says “Permanent link.” Click this link and you will be taken to your song’s URL. Again, the text within the address bar is the song’s unique link for you to use however you please.

To edit the information on your songs, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click the dashboard tab, where you’ll be taken to a page that shows all of your uploaded songs.
  3. Select “manage track” next to the song you wish to edit
  4. On the next screen, select the tab that says “View / Edit Song”
  5. Here, select the grey “Edit Song” button.
  6. You will then be able to: choose an image, edit the song information, change the genre, make the song available for free download or purchase, select your license, enter similar artists, and more!
  7. Just make sure you save any edits made to the song by scrolling down to the bottom and clicking the blue “Save” button.
"EPK" stands for Electronic Press Kit. It is a place where you can list all of your songs in an online, album-type format. In an EPK, you can arrange the songs however you'd like, and add/remove as many songs as you'd like. Also, each EPK has its own unique URL.

To create, or manage an EPK, select the “dashboard” tab within your artist account. From here, select the “Manage your EPK’s” link.Next, you can upload an image to be the header of your portfolio; just select “choose file” to upload an image from your computer. You can also name each EPK, and assign each one its own unique URL.
To edit which tracks appear in your portfolio, select “manage songs & edit this portfolio.” You will then be able to drag and drop songs from the right-side column into the grey box to create an EPK. You can also re-order them by dragging them around within the box.

You can also visit the following link to create an EPK here.
Each song is assigned its own permanent link, or URL. You can copy and paste this link anywhere you so choose, online, to share your song that is hosted Music Xray. You can also integrate your Facebook account with your Music Xray account, so that each time you upload a new song, it is automatically posted to your Facebook wall.
To set up your Next Big Sound Artist Statistics, click on the “manage track” button next to the song you wish to see statistics for. Then, select the “View / Edit Song” button on the next page. Scroll down until you see the “artist statistics” box and check it.
For more information on our partnership with Next Big Sound, please refer to this page.

The artist that is showing up with my Next Big Sound Artist Statistics isn’t me, how do I fix this?
Please go to Next Big Sound and sign up for an account here. This will ensure your artist information is correct going forward.

Sonic Opportunity Matching

S2O is a tool designed for artists to receive better opportunity matches. After your music is uploaded to our website, our system performs a sonic analysis of your tracks. We analyze the acoustic properties and mathematical patterns in your music. We send you an email telling you if any Industry Professionals are currently seeking a song like yours. For as long as your song remains in our database, (unless you remove it) we will alert you any time any Industry Professional is seeking songs with characteristics similar to your songs. This way, you're bound to be keyed in to the highest percentage of relevant opportunities! It's a win, win situation for both you, and the Industry Professionals seeking specific music.
If we have found an S2O match for your song(s), you will receive a notification about your opportunity matches via email.

To check for opportunity matches yourself, you can find them within your dashboard. Select “manage track” next to the song you want to find opportunity matches for. From here, click the “View / Edit Song” button. You will then see an “Opportunity Matches” button. Then, click it to view your matches!

Music Industry Professionals

To sign up as a Music Industry Professional with Music Xray, go here and follow the steps!
The Music Industry Professionals on Music Xray represent a wide variety of backgrounds, experience, and genres. From Grammy winning producers and prominent music supervisors, to sound engineers and career coaches, Music Xray provides you with a direct connection to the top tier of the industry.
All the Music Industry Professionals on Music Xray are background checked, vetted, and vouched for. To clarify: we do not allow just anyone to post an opportunity. It is only after they have been verified and brought up to speed that they are allowed to accept submissions. We then monitor each opportunity that is posted. Every opportunity must be verified by our staff before it is available for artists on the site. We use this time to ask more questions if need be, or ask the industry professional to add a bit of detail about what they're seeking.

Also, we don't allow any paid services to be solicited on the site. All of the opportunities are for direct placements and should not carry any additional fee's as a result of being selected.
Our ultimate goal is to help the industry professional find talented artists to work with, and to help artists get deals to further their career.

If you ever need clarification on an opportunity or validity of an industry professional on the site, please don’t hesitate to contact customer support at support@musicxray.com

Fan Accounts on Music Xray

All you have to do as a fan seeking new music is sign-up, wait for music to arrive in your inbox, opt to "fan" or "tip" the artist - all while getting paid to listen!
To sign up: on the Music Xray home page, click on the green "Fans get paid to listen" button in the top-left corner. You can also sign up directly here. We only allow one fan account per person, and any discovered violation of this policy will result in removal from the site and forfeiture of any accrued earnings from Fan Match.
Our Fan Match feature on our site is designed to introduce you to artists in their very first stage of their career. Because our artists are at varying levels in their career, this feature was created so that they could start growing their fan base, and get feedback on their work.

The quality of songs range from demos to professionally cut tracks; and because anyone can create an artist account, the quality of music will not always be top of the line. This is the main purpose of Fan Match - for artists to see how much potential they actually have, but in the earliest stages to avoid spending too much money, or time, furthering their career if they are not fit to do so. On the other hand, it is a great tool that allows them to target specific fans - ones they think their music will appeal to.
You can change the artists you prefer to listen to by logging in and editing your fan profile. This is within your fan match tab, under the “edit fan match profile” blue link. You can either connect your Facebook, or list 10 artists that you listen to on a regular basis. Then songs with similar artists, listed as the ones you've put down, will be sent for you to listen to.
To edit your Fan Match profile, click the “fan match” tab and select “fan match profile” from the dropdown menu. Here, you can edit any information you desire, like: artist interests, genres, city & state, etc.
If you sign up for a fan account with Music Xray, you are required to sign up with your Facebook account, and so without one, it will not run properly. It is built around Facebook functionality, so we're trying to make this transition painless for everyone. I'm sorry to say that without an account, you are unable to sign up. However, the rest of Music Xray will remain unchanged and you'll be able to access the rest of the site without a Facebook page. However, you can opt out of allowing Facebook to use your listening preferences within your fan account. To do this from within your fan account, click on the “fan match” tab and select “fan match profile” from the menu. Then, select “edit fan match profile” at the bottom of the page. On the next page, you will see a box that says “Use Facebook music listening preferences.” Here, you can uncheck this box if you would rather manually insert up to ten artists that you listen to.

Also, Music Xray will never post on your behalf or show your listening habits to your friends. The purpose of having Facebook integration is to more accurately match music to your tastes, using your Facebook listening habits. However, if you are not interested in associating your Facebook account, then we completely understand that. It was a decision that was made to produce a product that works really well and matches music better than before. And finally, this decision only affects participation in our Fan Match product; it does not affect any other elements of the website.

Music Xray Diagnostics and the Manage Track page

If you have previously submitted to a Music Xray opportunity before February 20th, 2013, you will auotmatically receive Music Xray Diagnostics for each song submitted before the launch date, and you will be able to submit as usual.
Also, any ratings you have previously received will collect on your Track Management page, as well as any information from previous Fan Match (now called fan targeting) campaigns. You will still be able to make submissions to any opportunity on the site in the way you currently do without the requirement of purchasing Diagnostics for those songs.
However, if you'd like to submit to opportunities with a new song, you will have to purchase Music Xray Diagnostics whenever you choose to submit this new song for the first time!
We did this because we are able to show you your song’s potential and a recommended path to achieving the results you want. Our ability to show you this information upon a song’s first submission is saving you more time and money than ever before and simultaneously making the process transparent.

For more information on these new changes, please refer to this link.

Still confused? See Diagnostics explained, here.
We’ll show you how your song is perceived by the industry and how its ratings compare to all the other songs on the site.
Next, we’ll show you the average number of times songs that were rated similar submitted before being selected for an opportunity. From now on, you’ll know what the path to getting a deal for your song looks like.
We also show you the song’s fan appeal and whether it’s good, fair, or not so good. You’ll know exactly what new fans are costing you to acquire using this song – and of course you’ll always know how many potential fans we’ve pre-identified for you.
Then, we show you an activity chart which is updated daily. Each day you will know if your song is dormant, pacing or if it is advancing your career, based around the attention and activity it is receiving on the site, and you’ll always know what you can do to improve the results for this song.
Sound good? Get Music Xray Diagnostics for only $10.00 per song!
The “manage track” button takes you to the manage track page - your new hub for managing all information around a particular track, or song. From checking song submission statuses, running and managing fan match campaigns, and editing song information, all of these actions can now be performed from one central area on the site. We give you detailed information to let you know where your track stands in comparison to other tracks on the site, and in the industry. You can navigate to your “manage track” page to view: your industry ratings, song activity chart, and other useful statistics; all of which show you how your song is performing on the site.
The “target fans” button allows you to target potential fans whose taste preferences are specifically matched to your music. These potential fans will be sent the song of your choice, and you can view your pre-matched potential fans by clicking the button to see how many fans might be interested in your music!
The “Sonic Opportunity Matches” button shows you all of your opportunity matches for this song. Click here to read more about S20 and opportunity matches.
The Song Activity Chart is a feature that allows you to track a song’s progress on the site. The graph shows you your song’s daily progress, and it lets you see which events are advancing your career. We’ll let you know if your song is: advancing, pacing, or if it becomes dormant on the site.
It tracks things such as: your submissions, fan match campaigns, acquired fans, selections, and more! Every time a fan or industry professional interacts with your song, the graph will reflect progress and changes.
The average submission graph shows how many submissions it took on average for songs with similar ratings to be selected on Music Xray. You can use this chart to set realistic expectations about how your song might be received in the industry, and how many submissions it might take to achieve your goals.
Your song is rated based on 5 factors: composition, production, arrangement, performance and hit potential. Each category is given 1-5 stars the professional can choose from, and you will be able to see an average of all of your ratings in once place.
Your ratings are collected in one of two ways. When you run a Diagnostics campaign your song is sent to five industry professionals who specialize in your genre for their ratings consideration. This lets us establish a baseline for your track in the industry. From there we’re able to calculate other data around your track based on how songs with similar ratings compared.
Every time you make a submission on Music Xray, the industry professional has the opportunity to rate your song. Whenever a song of yours is rated, you will receive an email about it. The good news is that if you purchase Diagnostics, you will automatically receive five ratings and be able to view them when managing a particular track.
When you’re in your artist dashboard, select “manage track” next to the song you want to view the ratings of. If you have purchased Music Xray Diagnostics for this particular song, you will automatically receive 5 professional ratings. The ratings will appear on the right-hand side of the page.
You’ll notice an area that shows you how your ratings compare to other tracks on the site. This section lets you know in what percentile your song’s ratings fall into.
You can think of your Recommended Next Steps as a GPS-like roadmap for gaining traction in the industry. They’re data driven recommendations that factor in your songs strengths. We also recommend targeted actions, which allow you to take advantage of your songs strengths among fans, and industry professionals alike.
The “Search Displays” tab is split into three categories:

1. A “priority search display” occurs when your track shows up in our Industry Professional search engine. It appears there because it was submitted to an opportunity, and it also matches the search criteria of the Industry Professional.
2. A “courtesy search display”means your track shows up in our Industry Professional search engine, because it matches the search criteria of the Industry Professional. However, the track has never been submitted to an opportunity.
3. A “missed search display” means your track didn’t show up in an Industry Professional’s search results, because it had never been submitted to an opportunity.

Fan Targeting and Fan Match

Fan Match does two things:

  1. Let potential fans hear your music
  2. Keep you in touch with fans so you can build relationships that matter

Fan Match is an automatic artist-to-fan matching feature, which tells musicians the exact number of potential fans that we can identify for them from among the tens of thousands of fans, who have already signed up to discover new acts.
When music fans sign up on the site, they tell us what music they’re currently into and we observe their evolving tastes over time. Then, we cross-reference our fan database with the music uploaded by artists into Music Xray.
And in order to target potential fans, we need you to enter a genre and three similar artists for each one of your tracks.
Once you have a potential fan's attention, it comes down to your music. We only send your music to people who are into your style and genre, so if your music is great, chances are you'll turn the potential fans into actual fans. How? If they "fan" your song, you will receive their email address and be able to validate each fan by viewing their Facebook profile. We even make it easy for them to tip you real money if they appreciate your track!

For every $1 you spend, we target 3 potential fans for you. There is a minimum of $20.00, which allows you to target 60 fans.So, if every potential fan we target becomes an actual fan of yours (meaning they agree to give their email address to you), the cost per fan would be $0.33 per fan. Right? You would acquire three fans for every dollar you spent, so about 33 cents per acquired fan.

As always, it all depends on how much the potential fans like your music; and we target them based on their taste. So, if your music is good, you’ve got a good chance of getting good results.
Once you’re logged into your account and in your dashboard tab, select "target fans” next to the song you want to run a campaign for. You will then be taken to the page where you will see “targeted fans” as a tab - select that. A message will appear saying whether or not you’re targeting fans. Select “target potential fans” in this section. From here, you can choose to target 60-3000 fans at a time! Just remember that for every dollar you spend, you target 3 potential fans. You can always apply your account balance to a campaign if you have it as well.
These fans are people, just like you, interested in discovering new music. For your peace of mind, you can verify their existence by clicking the “Facebook” icon, next to each fan, under the “Targeted Fans” tab for each song within the “manage tracks” section of your dashboard. From here, just click the icon and you land on your new fan’s Facebook profile. You can “friend” them, engage them, and develop a relationship with them.
You can see your fans from in the “Targeted Fans” tab. Many of the fans have a Facebook icon next to their email address, so that you can check their profile for legitimacy.
To see all of your fans in total, scroll down to the bottom and click “View fans for all songs.”
Yes, within the “Targeted Fans” tab, select “target additional fans” and choose a number between 60 - 3000 to target additional fans.
We calculate your cost per fan using the following formula:
= (Cost of campaign - tip total) / # of fans acquired

So, if you run a campaign that cost $20 and you acquire 40 fans, your cost per fan is $0.50. But If you received $6 in tips from your fans, it means the campaign really only cost $14. So, $14 divided by 40 fans is $0.35 (your cost per fan).
You must enter similar artists in order to target the fans that have musical interests who would appreciate your music. Without listing similar artists, you won’t be able to target potential fans!

When you’re logged into your artist account and inside of your dashboard, select “manage track” next to the song you wish to edit the similar artists of. Next, click on “View / Edit Song” and you see one of the two options:

  1. If the song already has similar artists, you will see an “Edit Song” button. By clicking that and scrolling down until you see “Artists this song sounds like,” you can then change the similar artists for the song.
  2. If the song doesn’t yet have similar artists, the button entitled “Update Missing Data” will appear. Simply click on that button, and then enter three artists; which will allow you to target these artists fans.
After you purchase Diagnostics, you will be prompted to run a fan targeting campaign. You are able to "skip" the included fan targeting campaign at this time and launch it at a later date. However, once the campaign has started, it will not stop until it has completed - it cannot be paused or cancelled.
If your campaign appears to be stalled at a certain number of fans, you can fix this by switching up the three similar artists within your account. To do this, select “manage track” next to the song you wish to change the artists of. Then, select “View / Edit Song” on the following page. Next, click the button saying “Edit Song” and scroll down until you see “Artists this song sounds like”. Now, select three more artists you wish to target potential fans of and presto!, your song will now be sent to different potential fans.
Select the “tips” tab and click on “tip jar” from the dropdown menu. You can find the direct link, and embed code to your tip jar, which you can share anywhere online within this section as well.
Your tips will go directly into your Account Balance, so you can request a payout by going to the “account” tab and select “settings/preferences” from the dropdown menu. Finally, select “request payout,” and your tips will be sent to your PayPal account!
In your dashboard tab, select “manage track.” On the next page, click “View / Edit Song” and then select “Edit Song.” Finally, scroll down in that section until you see the “allow free download” box - check this!

Account Information, Email, Password, and Paypal Settings

Please login to your account first. Once you're in your account, go to the "account" tab and select "settings / preferences." Here, click on "notifications" You will be able to see your email preferences there.
So you don’t want your songs to be public? This question is one that comes up a lot. There's a very particular reason that all songs submitted to an industry professional have to be public. Let's say you were submitting a song that was not publicly searchable to an Industry Professional, and they listened, and then decided not to license it. Then, two months down the road, you hear your song on the radio. You might claim that the only person you sent that "unreleased, un-searchable" song to was a certain Industry Professional. If the Industry Professional knows that this song is unreleased, and not available anywhere else, there is a possibility they could try and take advantage of an undiscovered or indie level artist. The reason you can only submit songs that are publicly available, is that it becomes much less enticing to rip off an artist if their song is available all over the internet. Our policy was specifically designed to protect artists from this type of interaction.

This blog post is from a couple of years back; however, it explains why a little further.

If you have an account with us, you can decide whether or not to make the song available for download when you select "View / Edit this song," after clicking the “manage track” button within your dashboard, on a per song basis.

We're really sorry to see you go! Before you delete your account, please be aware that you will never be able to use the email address, or username, associated with the account on our site at any time in the future. Also, any account history, data, or information - including uploaded songs, submissions, or open conversations with Industry Professionals - will be 100% inaccessible by you, and by the Music Xray team. Please keep a personal record of any information you'd like to save, because once you delete your account, you will never be able to recover any aspect of it. If ever you sign up again, you will need to use a new username and email address. If you'd still like to proceed with deleting your account, please do the following:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click the "account" tab
  3. Select "settings/preferences" from the drop-down menu
  4. Click the grey "delete my account" button
  5. When prompted with a pop-up, please continue to delete your account
  6. Your account information, all data, and submission history is now permanently deleted!
If you need to change your email address, simply click on the “settings / preferences” tab and then select “change account info.” You’ll see an area to enter a new email address.
You must enter your Paypal information so you’re able to receive payments from Music Xray. Please login to your account first. Once you're in your account, go to the "account" tab and select "settings / preferences." You’ll see a tab entitled “Paypal.” Click this tab and you will be then be able to enter, or update, your most recent Paypal information.
As far as copyright laws go, if you have written anything down at all, it is copyrighted from the moment of creation.

When you upload a track to Music Xray, we want to make sure that you retain whatever rights you see fit. There is a special section you'll see when entering the information for a track that has several options for denoting copyright. There are three license options to choose from and they each protect your music differently.

“All Rights Reserved” means you have decided to retain all rights to your song.
"Creative Commons" is a license with a little more flexibility, in terms of who can share and tweak your music.
"Custom License" is for any custom language you wish to associate with your song.

All of our Industry Professionals know that the music you submit is your own, and because you use our platform, your music is safe with us. If you submit a song to them and they use it without informing you, then yes, you have an issue; however, we will be able to see this interaction and can contact them about this inappropriate behavior.

Check out a similar, previous question and conversation regarding music copyrights here.
And finally, the actual website that explains copyrights fully can be found here.
Paypal: We use Paypal for money transfers such as earnings and/or payments.
Notifications: Here you can choose whether or not to receive notifications regarding S2O opportunities, submissions, Fan Match and others.
Soundcloud: This is where you can set your sound cloud preferences.
Facebook: Here you have the option to connect your Facebook account with your Music Xray account.
Invite Other Artists: By clicking on the "Invite Other Artists" button you can invite others to the site by sending invitations by email.
Affiliate ID: This is a unique Id assigned to your account. You can learn more about your Affiliate ID here.
Edit your Username or Password: Select the "change account info" button. If you change your password, you will be automatically logged out. The next time you log in, please enter your new password.

Refund Policy, Payouts and Income Summary

Login to your account, select the "account" tab, and then click on "income earned." All of the money you have received as a member of the Music Xray community will appear here. The amount, and description of the funds, will be viewable here.
Income Earned: Income earned reflects the total amount of funds you’ve accumulated over time - either from listening to music, to receiving Music Xray credit - this is just here to show the amount of money that you have ever received (not necessarily what is currently in your account, or available for use).
Total Paid: This reflects the amount of money you have been paid out over time. You can check your payout history by selecting “payouts received” from under the “account” tab.
Account Balance: This shows the amount of money that you currently have within your account - it can be used towards future submissions, or if over $20.00, you can request a payout to your PayPal account.
If you would like for your funds to be transferred back into your PayPal account, you must first have an account balance of $20.00 or higher. Once you have this amount in your account balance, you can request for your funds to be paid out by clicking the "request a payout" button, located underneath the same "account balance" section. Please note that some Music Xray credit (issued in conjunction with promotions) may not be payable to PayPal. Feel free to contact support for more information at support@musicxray.com
If you login to your account, select the "account" tab, and then click on "payouts received," you will see a record of the funds that were transferred into your PayPal account. If you have any more questions or concerns, please contact us at support@musicxray.com, or contact support at PayPal.
You can only be refunded for submissions that are past the 45 day response deadline.

We refund musicians when we can’t live up to our end of the deal, which is getting your music heard by the industry professional to whom you submit music and getting you a response from said professional or their organization within 45 days or less. That’s what we say we do. That’s what you pay us to get done for you. If we don’t do that, you are entitled to a refund.

If the song is on “hold” we cannot issue a refund ever (please refer to submission statuses for why). So, please contact us at support@musicxray.com only if the song is over 45 days to request a refund, or if you would like for us to reach out to the Industry Professional about your song on hold.

For more information about our refund policy, please refer to our blog explaining our policy in detail.
When you are logged into your account, click on the “account” tab and select “income earned.” Then, you will see a blue heading titled "account balance." Whenever you receive a refund for an overdue submission, or a credit from a promotion, all of these funds can be found here.
If these funds somehow seem to disappear in the future, this is likely because you have applied your account balance when you submitted to another opportunity. Make sure you are unchecking the "apply account balance" if you do not wish to use your funds towards a submission.

Technical Issues, Errors, and contacting customer service

There is a black, rectangular "Feedback" button on the right-hand side of every screen. Please select this and either post to our public forum by filling out the text box, or opt to "post it privately" by selecting the blue hyperlink.

Publicly: You can post in our public, Get Satisfaction forum here
Privately: If you'd prefer to discuss with us privately and one-on-one, please email us at support@musicxray.com
We’re sorry you’re having an issue! We suggest trying these troubleshooting steps to see if it fixes the problem first:
-Restart your browser and computer
-Make sure your browser is up to date
-Update your flash player
-Make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled with our site
-We suggest using Google Chrome for your browser as it is the most compatible browser with our site
-Please be aware that we currently only support the latest versions of the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE9.

*If you require further assistance, please email us at support@musicxray.com with the following information:
-Your current browser
-Your operating system (Mac, Windows, etc.)
-Your Music Xray associated login email address
-An accompanying screenshot, or text version, of the issue