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Melodic music

TV (FX series) Comedy

Current Eastern European artists such as Black Ox Orkestar.. Various interesting world artists that could be fun to use as well

Retro (and we stress again) "very indie affordable old or early 1900’s thru 50’s songs in the vein of Norma Tenega’s “You’re Dead”. Very old vintage artists in all kinds of styles (with varied messages) – the older the better.

Modern songs- Will consider modern day artists as long as the songs are unique in some sort of way and deliver the messages we have induced in this email in a comical manner, so to speak.

The important thing to remember is that it’s a mockumentary and doesn't take itself too seriously. ie: there’s always some bit of irony to the music choices.
So as an example. “scary tunes” are never really scary songs persay. ie.. these vampires aren’t to be taken as seriously (from a dark haunting music standpoint) as the vampires in True Blood.

Lyrically, is open but great ideas could be themes that could be construed to reference varied themes.. ie.. living forever or immortality .. long lost loves.. fun.. sexual escapades.. or "I’m gonna get you" or "I’ve had enough".. (in a funny way) . etc.

We should note that the budget is tiny. We only have 10k/episode and they are using a lot of music so please try to keep the songs one stop in the $2-$4k budget. Terms & Conditions
- In the event of a successful submission and we feel that it fit the brief, it will be carried on to a selection process based on the music supervisors decision. If then the song is to be chosen for use, you will then be contacted to finalize the deal.

- Joshua Trenerry - Sync & Licensing/Marketing - Melodic Music/CULTR

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Sync.co %281%29

Pop songs for Network TV show

We are searching for great new Pop songs that could be on the Top 40 charts currently but that are also sync friendly. Lyrics about feelings rather than those that tell a story.

- No uncleared samples
- Clean lyrics preferred
- Must own/control 100% of the publishing/master

Sync Party provides music supervision services for Film, Television, and Advertising. We are the ears that listen through thousands of tracks every week so that end users don't have to. We work with music libraries, music supervisors, producers, and editors to curate the best tracks possible to meet the ultimate vision of the production.

- Sync Party

Deal Type: Catalog Inclusion
Decision Maker: Selected tracks will be pitched for final placement
Deal Structure: Non-Exclusive
Compensation: $3,001 - $5,000
Song Quality: Fully mastered, Broadcast ready
Similar Sounding Artists: Ariana Grande, Cardi B, Maroon 5, Marshmello, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Kanye West, Lil Pump

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Washington street publishing

Seeking Pop Songs for Young Female Sony Artist

Tori Wade is professional dancer & singer working on her new EP for Sony Australia. She has a sweet voice / tone similar to Jhene Aiko. The label is looking for songs with strong, dance-able beats a la Sofia Reyes ‘1,2,3’ and Fifth Harmony ‘He Like That’, but with the broody, darkness of Lykke Li ‘Deep End’ and Tinashe ‘Faded Love’.

We will be sending selected songs directly to A&R in the next few weeks.

Current, professionally produced songs only please. (preferred female vocals, but killer male songs accepted) Please include lyrics.
Thank you.

Washington Street Publishing is an entertainment company with a focus on music in media. We are committed to finding the perfect song for each artist, film, TV or commercial project.

- Nancy Peacock / Washington Street Publishing

Deal Type: Direct pitch to A&R
Decision Maker: Selected tracks will be pitched for final decision
Deal Structure: Non-Exclusive
Compensation: Negotiable
Song Quality: Rough Mixes, Fully mastered, Broadcast ready
Similar Sounding Artists: Sofia Reyes ‘1,2,3’, Fifth Harmony ‘He Like That’, Lykke Li ‘Deep End’

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Success Stories & Feedback

Jeff Blue Music generates almost $100K in Sync Fees for two artists

Jeff Blue Music is very proud to announce that our two new development projects Josh Rowe (Truth Ali) and Riot Child have generated almost $100,000 in synch fees on just a few songs in the last 10 months.

We co-wrote and produced for Josh who we discovered on Music Xray in late 2016. We wanted to combine an alternative approach to rap. In addition to other synchs a song we recorded titled “I See Red” is main title in the new trailer for Molly’s Game featuring Kevin Costner as well as TV shows such as Underground. Check out the trailer for Molly's Game HERE

Riot Child has numerous placements and live performances ranging from FOX TV, LA Fashion Week, the Emmy Parties, festivals, sold out shows from Viper to Echoplex, and numerous major labels circling the group. Riot Child has been added to the Spotify playlist "Woman Crush Everyday" and added to Art Basel Miami 2017 and Desert Days in Joshua Tree 2018.Their vide for the song "Dogs of War" is available HERE

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Music Xray Artist Phabo Lands Opportunity with Atlantic Records

Music Xray artist Phabo hit the right note with Atlantic Records’ Vice President Urban A&R Shawn Barron. In an interview earlier this year with SWURV Radio, Phabo mentions his upcoming project, Ratchet & Blues, as well as his “dabbling” into songwriting. Shawn Barron has been working with the the Los Angeles based artist and songwriter on upcoming Atlantic Records cuts.

You can hear Phabo’s song that caught Shawn Barron's attention HERE, as well as his recent project, Far From Phabian, on Tidal, Spotify, Itunes, as well as Soundcloud.

Check out Atlantic Records/Shawn Barron’s profile and opportunities HERE

Artist Archie Thompson Lands Song Placements in Blockbuster hit, and #1 movie in America, 'Tyler Perry's Boo! A Madea Halloween' and hit NBC TV series, 'Timeless'

Music Xray artist Archie Thompson has his song "Funky Pad" placed in the blockbuster hit, and #1 movie in America, 'Tyler Perry's Boo! A Madea Halloween'. He also had his song "Soul Tonic" placed in the hit NBC TV series 'Timeless".

Through Music Xray Mr. Thompson procured a publishing deal with Eddie Caldwell of Music Of The Sea, Inc. He's had numerous placements, and Eddie has continued to pitch his music for a wide variety of opportunities. Mr. Thompson says of Eddie, "He is a consummate professional, and due to his hard work, my music is being heard throughout the world! Big thanks to Eddie, and to Music Xray for providing the platform that enabled me to find a great publisher! Today's music business is incredibly competitive, and I believe it takes a team to achieve widespread success. I couldn't be happier with my working relationship with Music of the Sea."

Congratulations to Archie Thompson and Music Of The Sea on another amazing song placement!

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