The MusicXray Team

Mike McCready, Co-founder & CEO

Mike has experienced success as a musician, and separately as an entrepreneur, but has found his true passion by combining music with business. As a signed musician, he achieved two hit singles. As an entrepreneur, his companies have been featured in Success Magazine, The New Yorker, and other media. For example, one has been the subject of a very popular case study at Harvard Business School - which is taught at top business schools all over the world, was profiled in a few documentaries (Discovery, NatGeo, BBC & ITV), and even written into the screenplays of a couple network television series.

He speaks several languages, conducts business internationally, and occasionally rants on The Huffington Post. In short, he likes to stay busy.

As CEO of Music Xray, he has led the company through its challenging start-up phase and through it's angel and institutional rounds of investment. Music Xray has become what is probably the largest online community of music industry professionals in the world.

You can follow Mike on Twitter: @mjmccready or connect with him directly on LinkedIn or find him here on

Jeff Durand, CTO

When he's not caving into the demands of his growing family, Jeff is developing the software and technical human resources that power Music Xray.  Jeff is intimately involved in all aspects of product design and development from concept, to prototype, to production deployment in the cloud.  If it is part of the software stack Music Xray is using, you can bet Jeff played a key role in spearheading its development. 

Previous to his work at Music Xray, Jeff successfully exited from - a community site dedicated to the Nintendo Wii. Jeff has been engineering products that will change the way music is promoted and discovered since 2006, and putting his talents to use for Music Xray since 2009. 

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William Shostak, SVP of Development

Will is fitness/exercise enthusiast, staying active each day, running, swimming, cycling, and body weight resistance training. He grew up in a studio and was raised around music, which sparked the passion that grew into producing independent dance music and major label dance remixes. For his first job while still in school, he built a system for an independent labels to track contacts and releases. Later, hoping to make a positive impact on the music industry, he built a music website to help independent musicians find new ways to support themselves. Using his flair for innovation, he continues to make the music industry a better place by using his unique personal insight in developing for Music Xray.

Adam Symmonds, Director of QA and Tech Support

Adam and his wife recently moved back to the east coast after living in Los Angeles for six years. As an avid guitar, bass, and banjo player, he's right at home here at Music Xray. Prior to his work at Music Xray, Adam worked in the e-commerce space, as well as the video game industry. When he isn't on the message boards offering tech support, he can usually be found playing with his big goofy goldendoodle named Einstein.