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Music Publicity + Spotify Promo Boost + Current Music Radio
submission price: $250.00
Payout: $1 - $100

Music Publicity + Spotify Promo Boost + Current Music Radio

- NOTE: Submit only catchy and well-produced songs that music curators won't like to remove quickly from their playlists so you can get more organic streams. Bad songs won't last on playlists.

- Part 1 - Music Publicity: (Subjected to Approval)
- We will use three months to submit your song to blogs, music curators, and influencers (Your biography/press release is required).

- Part 2 - Spotify Promo Boost: (Not Subjected to Approval)

- Part 3 - We add your song to 30 Collaborative Spotify Playlists.

- Part 4 - We send your songs to 100 Curators within your genre. (Feedback is not guaranteed).

- Part 5 - We run another paid campaign to connect with few curators in your genre.

- Part 6 - We boost your song with 30,000 streams.

- Part 7 - Current Music Radio:
- Subjected to Approval
- Current Music Radio - Current Music Radio is a subsidiary of Broadtube Business Network created by Kolade Olamide Ayodeji in order to broadcast timeless pieces of music across the globe online. - We will pay artists directly at the rate of $0.0001 per stream via PayPal annually. - Any song suspected to generate illegitimate streaming would be removed from our platform with immediate effect. - We will add your song to our Current Radio Playlist if we approve your song.

- REQUIREMENT: Biography/Press Release, Link to your song on Spotify and your song must be catchy and well-produced.

- Kolade Olamide - C.E.O - Broadpals Music

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Last Day Deaf
submission price: $2.00
Payout: $1 - $100

Last Day Deaf

Last Day Deaf music blog seeking music to feature. Please submit your best track(s) for consideration.

Music webzine covering a wide range of artist from indie to jazz and from electronic to metal...Few words...Let the music speak....

- CHRISTOS DOUKAKIS - Owner/Pubisher -

Deal Type: Exposure Opportunity
Decision Maker: I'm the final decision maker
Song Quality: Fully mastered, Broadcast ready
Similar Sounding Artists: Nirvana, NIN, Indie pop