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new Rock Radio Promo
submission price: $20.00

Rock Radio Promo

Actively seeking submissions for rock/rock subgenres bands and solo acts for promotion to radio and curators. Covers and acoustic tracks ARE accepted for this promo. Unfortunately, raw demos are not.

This is a terrific chance to get your music onto the airwaves, especially for rock fusion artists.

Any selected submissions will be pitched to thousands of genre-specific and adult contemporary terrestrial, satellite, and online radio programs.

Additionally, please note if you have a link-tree or an EPK in your pitch, if you have either. If not, upon selection, we will create a personal one-sheet for you at no extra charge.

Brief description of your track is appreciated but not required.

All tracks will receive a guaranteed listen and feedback.

Expect a turnaround of 4-6 days for full review, but we generally have a turnaround time of 24 to 48 hours.

- Lindsay Mulder - CEO - Rock Prairie Productions LLC

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Rock Prairie Group Promo
submission price: $10.00

Rock Prairie Group Promo

Looking for quality submissions for Spotify playlists.

We have 8 categories we're scouting:
*(Popsteria) Pop, Mainstream
*(The Dancefloor) EDM/Electronica,
*(Highways and Hideaways) Rock,
*(Smooth Moves) R&B and R&B subgenres,
*(Misfit Mayhem) Alt Rock/Fusion,
*(Sweet Tea and Harmony)Country/Bluegrass/Subgenres,
*(Metal Mania)Metal/Metal Fusion/Subgenres,

**SoundCandy Ultimate Blog and Radio Pitch (all genres).
The playlists will remain private until the submissions are in. However, the artist(s) will be notified immediately after reviewing.

General Information for Holds:
Any submissions that are not ultimately selective for their respective categories are indexed for future opportunities, on and outside of this platform. If opportunities arise in which we think would be of interest, we will notify the artist(s) before sharing any biographical info. The artist(s) may choose to pass on future openings by contacting us or notating OPT OUT on the track description.

- Lindsay Mulder - CEO - Rock Prairie Productions LLC

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SoundCandy Blog Interview
submission price: $12.00

SoundCandy Blog Interview

Looking for submissions for band/artist interviews for a couple of ezine music blogs.
We are looking for quality submissions and are accepting EPKs upon selection.
We are looking to write articles on up to 10 acts, all genres.

If selected, we will email exchange our interview questions.

- Lindsay Mulder - CEO - Rock Prairie Productions LLC

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submission price: $20.00

Get Interview and Video Seen on Worldstar

Every month JSP will be doing an hour live stream video show on the DSN Network in NYC that will be aired on Worldstar Hiphop. Their will be a 30 min interview segment and then you will perform a 2 song set on our stage. We will play music videos during our intermissions instead of commercials so we will also be choosing 4 artists who's videos we'll play on the show.

- Jay Stuart - A&R - Jay Stuart Productions

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Looking for Artists to Represent to Promoters
submission price: $5.00

Looking for Artists to Represent to Promoters

I'm looking for artists that have an established fan base that can at least bring into 250 people minimum to represent to promoters. Please send in your best music, EPK and a live video of your performance. Thanks

- Okeem Palmer / Ghoust Music Group - Record Union/Sony

Deal Type: Exposure Opportunity
Decision Maker: Selected artist will be pitched to promoters for final decision
Deal Structure: Negotiable
Compensation: Negotiable
Song Quality: Fully mastered, Broadcast ready
Similar Sounding Artists: Beyonce, Katy Perry, U2, Brittney Spears,One Direction, Calvin Harris