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Label seeking emotional Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Americana, Alt. Country songs
submission price: $10.00
Payout: $251 - $500

Label seeking emotional Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Americana, Alt. Country songs

Label/Publisher is seeking songs for release, publishing, sync placement opportunities, and promotion. We have a proven record of placing songs with major networks and brands such as FOX, ABC, Roxy, Forever 21, Specialized, etc.

We are specifically seeking music from artists that have a timeless sound. The overall vibe of the label is one of honest music with warm vintage emotion. We are looking for Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Americana, Alt. Country that evokes emotion. We lean toward a more melancholy sound so please no “fun” or overly “happy” songs. At the moment we are only seeking single songs. By focusing on singles we can target specific markets when promoting and seeking sync placements. This also allows us to craft the labels’ “sound” while acting as a discovery vehicle for new and emerging artists.

IMPORTANT: Artists must be willing to sign the master & publishing rights to the selected song over to the label and publisher. The songwriter/writers will retain 100% of the writing credit and will receive all royalties for their share. In addition, an advance will be paid to the writer/performer for the song in an amount to be determined. The advance then becomes a recoupable expense. After the advance is recouped, all income generated by the song will be split 50/50.

Our label is distributed by our digital aggregator, The Orchard, and releases will be available on every major retailer and streaming service including iTunes, Spotify, IHeartRadio, Amazon, YouTube, Google Music, rDio, Shazam, Flipagram, etc.

- Jason Currie / Dog Bites Wolf

Deal Type: Catalog Inclusion
Decision Maker: We are the final decision maker
Deal Structure: Exclusive
Compensation: $251 - $500
Song Quality: Rough Mixes, Fully mastered, Broadcast ready
Similar Sounding Artists: Nikki Lane, William Fitzsimmons, Jason Isbell, Lykke Li, Iron & Wine, Sturgill Simpson, Margo Price

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Music Producer Reality show (Pilot)
submission price: $20.00
Payout: $251 - $500

Music Producer Reality show (Pilot)

Looking for BIG instrumentals in all genre. Must be mixed and mastered. Only the best of the best...

Hits or Quits:
Today's music producer is a trendsetter whose inspiration and creativity can transcend all the forms of communication in its quest to influence pop culture... occasionally going where other media cannot. And now, in a reality television first Hits or Quest a music themed competition, will take you behind the scenes as up-and-coming music producers make music history in their journey to be crowned the nation's top Producer.

- Keith Clizark - Owner - Team Mashn Ent.

Decision Maker: I'm the final decision maker
Deal Structure: Non-Exclusive
Compensation: S251 - $500
Song Quality: Fully mastered, Broadcast ready