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new A Truly Massive Opportunity for Worldwide Exposure – over 100 tracks required!
submission price: $20.00

A Truly Massive Opportunity for Worldwide Exposure – over 100 tracks required!

We are currently building an incredibly exciting platform, set to launch in “early access” in May 2021 and going live in June 2021. Concerto XL is truly revolutionary and will be available initially on PC, followed by Xbox, PlayStation and then mobile.

Concerto XL will allow bands and artists to sell tickets to virtual concerts / video premiers, however the game changer part is fans get to “attend” shows on the platform with their own characters; who can dance, cheer, be customised and even better, they can talk in real-time (full audio) with other fans in the arena while watching the shows.

At this point we are looking for full tracks to be used as music for users to listen to while they gather in the arena and wait for the main event.

Now remember, this will be the equivalent of being an opening act for potentially huge acts who are in the same genres as you. Imagine the potential ears you will be playing to! Truly massive exposure.

Because there are virtual concerts across all genres, we are looking for tracks in the following….

Alternative - Blues - Childrens Music - Christian & Gospel - Classical - Comedy - Country - Dance - Easy Listening - Electronic - Hip-Hop - Holiday - Indie Pop - Industrial - Instrumental - J-Pop - K-Pop - Jazz - Latin - Metal - New Age - Pop - R&B/Soul - Rap - Reggae - Rock - World

I cannot stress how huge this can be AND as if that was not enough, even if you are not selected first time around, “support / opening tracks” will change over time, so there is every chance you will be included at a later date!

Given the nature of this platform, we are also expecting huge media coverage, plus we will be working with a huge number of labels, so again, it is just a HUGE OPP for you!

You can submit as many tracks as you like as as I mentioned, tracks will rotate and be updated regularly.

Last date for submissions is the 14th of April 2021.

- Stuart Cheese / One Night Stand

Audio plugz
Seeking Pop & EDM/Dance Songwriters and Producers
submission price: $6.00

Seeking Pop & EDM/Dance Songwriters and Producers

We are seeking talented songwriters and producers to add to our roster. We work directly with A&R's, managers, major artists, music supervisors and we are in need of you! We have tons of projects in the USA as well as international and we'd like to help build your resume.

The type of people we are seeking should want to mainly write for and/or produce for major/indie artists. We are not interested in people who want to be artist themselves, unless you are capable of writing for other people.

Requirements: Able to work with deadlines, must be ready to work, along with submission you must provide a link to more of your work (can be a dropbox link), must be consistent, able to collaborate with others and reliable.

The Audio Plugz is a music supervision, music licensing, music publishing and music placement company. Through our efforts we have been successful in placing music with artists & brands such as LeAnn Rimes, Lupe Fiasco, Kumi Koda, Dove, Disney and more...

- The Audio Plugz

Free Submission for Major TV Sports Network looking for Driving upbeat rock tracks
submission price: $5.00

Free Submission for Major TV Sports Network looking for Driving upbeat rock tracks

Major TV Sports Network looking for Driving upbeat rock tracks that maintain a quick tempo throughout and steady melody. Please don't include guitar solo, breaks within the track, or heavy metal.

Tracks should be between 2-4 minutes.

- Judson Hurd - CEO - Bad Architect Records

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Be interviewed & Video featured on Major new Show hosted by Justina Valentine of MTV
submission price: $25.00

Be interviewed & Video featured on Major new Show hosted by Justina Valentine of MTV

Coming in feb 2021 will be a new comdey/music show hosted by Justina Valentine from Wild N Out that will have comdey skits, music videos and interviews. The show will air the first friday of each month on NYC Cable TV, Roku, and Worldstar HipHop.. For being interviewed or your video featured on the show you will also get the following services courtesy of Jay Stuart Promotions so send in your submissions asap:

*Your interview & video seen on NYC Cable TV, WorldStar, and Roku *Your own monetized webpage with store
*Major Spotify Promo for your song (Get a Minimum 100k streams)
*Entered in JSP's Booking program for 1 Month (Jay Stuart gives out a paid booking each month to an artist in the program)
*Song submitted to 3 labels of your choice
*Contact list of 100s of major label a&r's with phone numbers and email addresses
*List of all internet, fm, xm, and college radio stations registered under Neilsen/BDS
*List of all the top music blogs that labels go to looking for new talent
*Links to music festival organizers in every state
*List of 1000s of American and International Booking agents that book Indie Artists

- Jay Stuart - A&R - Jay Stuart Productions

New Channel and Revenue Opportunity
submission price: $5.00

New Channel and Revenue Opportunity

We have a brand new video channel - to which we are seeking video submissions - if you have a great song and great video we want to see it - we specifically seek singer-songwriters, rock, country, and other genres - so please send us a video link to something that showcases you as an artist - perhaps a performance that tells the story of a song - perhaps a documentary style about you as an artist - or it could be from a live show but we want more than just the song. Submit the audio here but send us the youtube link to see the video in the reply)

We also have a unique new way for artists to make revenue from the support of their fans that we will be sending detail of to all videos that we select and trust me this is entirely new and original.

- Paul K Saunders - Co-Founder - New Music Lives