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Audio plugz
Seeking Pop & EDM/Dance Songwriters and Producers
submission price: $6.00

Seeking Pop & EDM/Dance Songwriters and Producers

We are seeking talented songwriters and producers to add to our roster. We work directly with A&R's, managers, major artists, music supervisors and we are in need of you! We have tons of projects in the USA as well as international and we'd like to help build your resume.

The type of people we are seeking should want to mainly write for and/or produce for major/indie artists. We are not interested in people who want to be artist themselves, unless you are capable of writing for other people.

Requirements: Able to work with deadlines, must be ready to work, along with submission you must provide a link to more of your work (can be a dropbox link), must be consistent, able to collaborate with others and reliable.

The Audio Plugz is a music supervision, music licensing, music publishing and music placement company. Through our efforts we have been successful in placing music with artists & brands such as LeAnn Rimes, Lupe Fiasco, Kumi Koda, Dove, Disney and more...

- The Audio Plugz

New Channel and Revenue Opportunity
submission price: $5.00

New Channel and Revenue Opportunity

We have a brand new video channel - to which we are seeking video submissions - if you have a great song and great video we want to see it - we specifically seek singer-songwriters, rock, country, and other genres - so please send us a video link to something that showcases you as an artist - perhaps a performance that tells the story of a song - perhaps a documentary style about you as an artist - or it could be from a live show but we want more than just the song. Submit the audio here but send us the youtube link to see the video in the reply)

We also have a unique new way for artists to make revenue from the support of their fans that we will be sending detail of to all videos that we select and trust me this is entirely new and original.

- Paul K Saunders - Co-Founder - New Music Lives