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Seeking Hit Songs for Country Artists
submission price: $8.00
Payout: $501 - $1,000

Seeking Hit Songs for Country Artists

SEND LYRIC WITH SUBMISSION! Original songs with singable lyric, interesting melodies, and great grooves. Topically authentic & emotionally relatable but NOTHING preachy. Mid & uptempo preferred. DEMO ~ Piano or guitar vocals are fine but we insist on a lyric with your submission. If we find something we love (and sign it), we'll cut a demo. Also open to artist driven material for film /TV pitches. We're in Nashville so our main clients are major country acts.

We are only interested in signing songs that are 100% available or songs that have never been previously released either via CD or digitally.

- Trio Productions, Inc / Songscape Music, LLC

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International artists needed for sync songs!!
submission price: $20.00
Payout: $2,001 - $3,000

International artists needed for sync songs!!

We are looking for amazing international artists to work with us on a sync compilation with you performing in your native language. Looking for singers and/or rappers! Send us the songs that best represent who you are as an artist. If selected, the song or songs that are included in the final deal will be under an exclusive agreement, but we will NOT be asking you to sign a full exclusive deal as an artist. And, the songs you send for this pitch will not be licensed on an exclusive basis.

If we think your submission may fit, we will place it on hold for further review by the entire team working on this project. If it is selected, we will contact you further with details. The compensation listed on this brief is an average of what could be expected if your song is licensed within the parameters of the deal.

Please keep in mind that this is a “submission-only” dropbox. We are looking for the perfect song for this pitch. We will not be giving detailed feedback on submissions. Either we feel the song may fit the brief or it doesn’t. We apologize for not being able to give feedback beyond whether it fits or not, but the time constraints of the nature of these projects will not allow us the time to give in-depth feedback on the song. We will, however, submit ratings on every submission.

Incorporated Elements is a company that works with songwriters, artists, producers, and DJ's to help them perfect their craft and fully realize the potential in their art. We work in the areas of production, publishing, film/TV licensing, artist development.

- Ric Robbins / Incorporated Elements