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Rock Prairie Group Promo
submission price: $12.00

Rock Prairie Group Promo

Looking for quality submissions for Spotify playlists.

We have 8 categories we're scouting:
*(Popsteria) Pop, Mainstream
*(The Dancefloor) EDM/Electronica,
*(Highways and Hideaways) Rock,
*(Smooth Moves) R&B and R&B subgenres,
*(Misfit Mayhem) Alt Rock/Fusion,
*(Sweet Tea and Harmony)Country/Bluegrass/Subgenres,
*(Metal Mania)Metal/Metal Fusion/Subgenres,

**SoundCandy Ultimate Blog and Radio Pitch (all genres).
The playlists will remain private until the submissions are in. However, the artist(s) will be notified immediately after reviewing.

General Information for Holds:
Any submissions that are not ultimately selective for their respective categories are indexed for future opportunities, on and outside of this platform. If opportunities arise in which we think would be of interest, we will notify the artist(s) before sharing any biographical info. The artist(s) may choose to pass on future openings by contacting us or notating OPT OUT on the track description.

- Lindsay Mulder - CEO - Rock Prairie Productions LLC