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new Searching for good Christmas/Holiday songs for a Spotify playlist (over 3,000 followers)
submission price: $2.50

Get added to a Christmas/Holiday Spotify playlist (over 3,000 followers)

Send me your best Christmas and holiday songs for placement on a Spotify playlist with over 3,000 followers. Songs must be available on Spotify.

-Eric Olsen, A&R, Follow Records

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2022 Hard Rock Café' Tour- North American
submission price: $25.00

2022 Hard Rock Café' Tour- North American


This is tour is restricted to 20 to 30 acts. This is NOT a simple exposure opportunity. This is a selection process for a three to four month road tour. While we accept raw demos for the purposes of auditioning, we do not accept those demos OR covers for tour selection. If selected, your submission will be categorized and pitched to our project partners. We highly encourage you to to submit your best material. "Selected" means that the artist has met the basic requirements necessary and has understood and agreed to the conditions of the HRC tour and will continue to meet criteria if/when a formal contract is initiated by the management company and supporting labels.

Both solo artists and bands are encouraged to apply.

Currently, we are accepting all submissions for the following genres/subgenres: Rock/Alt Rock, Metal, Country, R&B, and Jazz.

Compensation is based on %GBOR, unless circumstances dictate a flat fee. (HRC's rates for merch sales are approximately 22%.)

If selected:

* All conditions and provisions WILL BE discussed prior to an extension of offer.
* Must be willing to provide up to three (3) additional songs for promo purposes.
*You will be required to sign an applicable temporary NDA during the selection process.
* Must provide (or collaborate) on a professional EPK and album art.
* Must be organized, motivated, and willing to time commit. See tour duration. If you are unable to make those commitments, this opportunity is NOT for you. We reserve the right to dissolve all contractual agreements and terminate funding and applicable stipends.
* Artist/Management contracts will be required, as well as any other agreements/waivers between the company and artist.
*Tour support will be provided for airfare, accommodations, and meals, per diem.
* You will be REQUIRED to register all content with appropriate agencies, such as BMI or ASCAP.
*All other details will be discussed with selected artist(s).

- Lindsay Mulder - CEO - Rock Prairie Productions LLC

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Interview on Keep Walking Music, Listed in Hype Machine
submission price: $5.00

Interview on Keep Walking Music, Listed in Hype Machine

Keep Walking is an independent music blog based out of Spain & Morocco, formed in October 2011 by S. Ben Ali. Dedicated to discovering and featuring promising artists that we feel deserve a platform in the public eye. Run by S. Ben Ali and David Merino.

Our primary task is to show the public, the impressive work and the dedication of promising artists, teeming with immense talents. Indeed, to date, we have managed to establish a finding that proves that the best music is often produced by artists still unknown to the public because they engage much more than celebrities.

- Keep Walking Music

Get Your YouTube Video Promoted on
submission price: $5.00

Get Your YouTube Video Promoted on will post your YouTube Rock music video on our site in up to 3 categories based on the type of rock it is. We accept indie rock, alternative, pop rock, hard rock, psychedelic rock, punk rock, metal and roots / Americana. We will also include it in one of our YouTube Playlists located @

- Lionel White - - SPOIO LLC

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Possible Site Feature, Spread your music around the world
submission price: $5.00

Possible Site Feature, Spread your music around the world

Keep Walking Music is a Madrid based online music platform that launched in 2015, and has since showcased local and worldwide talent. We are dedicated to discovering and featuring exceptional artists that we feel deserve a platform in the public eye.

The feedback you will receive will be an honest feeling from listening to your music, and should never be taken as a personal criticism. A quick browse through the blog will give you a sense of the editorial.

- Salah EddineBenali / Keep Walking Music

Deal Type: Exposure Opportunity
Decision Maker: I'm the final decision maker
Deal Structure: Non-Exclusive
Compensation: Negotiable
Song Quality: Rough Mixes, Fully mastered, Broadcast ready
Similar Sounding Artists: Lady Gaga, Adele, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Drake, Jay Z, Selena Gomez, Eminem