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Win a 10 full mixes and masters of your track worth $15,000
submission price: $9.00
Payout: $10,001 - $25,000

Win a 10 full mixes and masters of you track worth $15,000

To celebrate the opening of the brand new Grand Northern Recording Studio, custom designed by Alexander Johnston in the beautiful countryside of England we are giving away 10 mixes and masters of a track.

These tracks will also all be considered for the sync opps we currently have including Reebok, Costa Coffee, H&M, Apple and many more.

There will also be discounted rates for all the studios service including:
Recording sessions (remote also)
Track Editing
Vocal Production and Tuning
Session Musician Hire
and more

Please submit your best work you feel most confident about or that song you have that you have a great demo of but need a world class mix and master from Alex.

Alexs recent clients include:
Robbie Williams
Damon Albarn
Alexander O'Neal
HotBed Ibiza Sound Systems
James Newman

- Alexander Johnston - CEO, Producer, Composer, Mixer, Musician - CMI Music Group International

Audio plugz
We need Urban, R&B, Hip-Hop songwriters & producers
submission price: $6.00
Payout: $1,001 - $1,500

We need Urban, Soul ,Gospel, R&B, Hip-Hop songwriters & producers to add to our roster

We are seeking Urban, R&B, Soul, Gospel and Hip-hop/Rap songwriters and producers to add to our roster. We work directly with A&R's, managers, major artists, music supervisors and we are in need of you!

The type of people we are seeking should want to write and/or produce for major and indie writers along with TV/Film.

Requirements: Able to work with deadlines, must be ready to work, along with submission you must provide a link to more of your work (can be a dropbox link), no divas nor divos, must be consistent and able to send music on a regular basis ( not once or twice a month ).

- The Audio Plugz

Looking for new artists to sign and produce
submission price: $5.00

Looking for new artists to sign and produce

Grey Creek Productions is looking for new artists to sign and produce. Also offering our production expertise to help you get the most out of your production budget. We are looking to sign primarily country/pop country acts but, are open to any submissions. Singer/songwriters go to the top of the list. If you are looking for production help, we are open to any genre. Legendary producer/engineer Tom Perry is our president and hands on producer. Thanks.

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Catalog Your Songs and Instrumentals for Sync Licensing
submission price: $8.00
Payout: $251 - $500

Catalog Your Songs and Instrumentals for Sync Licensing

This dropbox is specifically for artist(s) who want to catalog full, high quality material. Upon acceptance, our company will then shop your track for independent and commercial opportunities. We will also consider songs which need small production or engineering work by having our team of engineers consult with you on proposed improvements. Thank you for your submission